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Signing Up

The Student Networking sign-up process is completely automated.  You can sign-up and register yourself in a couple of hours, all from the comfort of your room. We'll guide you through the process using your PC's web browser. All you need to do is follow these six easy steps:

plug in

Plug your computer in

Plug your computer into your network point using your patch cord (flylead). Then turn your computer on. Or if you're connecting via wireless, install the necessary software and then connect to the the eduroam wireless network. Note that in some off-campus locations you made need to arrange for your landlord to active your port before you can do this.
web site

Visit a web site

Open your web browser and try to visit your favorite web site (if you can't decide where to go, try www.google.co.za). You should be automatically redirected to the Student Networking sign-up page. Note that if you've used your computer on the Internet or a network before, you may need to change the network and proxy settings on your computer back to the defaults for this to work.
antivirus software

Install software

You'll need to install whatever software the Student Network sign-up page tells you to. This will include anti-virus and automatic updates software. Just follow the instructions in the sign-up process.

Wait an hour or two

Once you've finished the sign-up process you'll need to wait a couple of hours for your registration to be completed. This happens automatically, but it takes a while for all parts of our network to learn about you. The registration page will tell you when you can expect to use your PC.

Restart your computer

Reboot your computer to make sure that everything is working properly, and that you correctly get assigned an address on our network. You should now be able to browse the web successfully.

Configure your apps

If you want to make use of applications such as MSN messenger, Yahoo! Chat, e-mail, etc that make use of the Internet you may need to configure these programs to make use of Rhodes's proxy server. If you're unsure of how to do this, or you just need some help, feel free to contact the Student IT Help Desk.


You might want to print out this page and take it with you. Alternatively, your residence's house rep should have a copy.

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