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Connecting via Wireless

The Student Network makes use of secure (WPA2) wireless network called eduroamWhen you're in range of this network, you'll find it displayed in your PC's wireless network list:

Wireless Network
(Windows 7/Vista)
Wireless Network
(Windows XP)

Connecting with Vista/Windows 7

Windows 7/8 and Vista come with the necessary software to connect to our network pre-installed. You should be able to connect to the network by simply double-clicking on the eduroam wireless network and entering your Rhodes username and password when prompted, thus:

Wireless Authentication

Note that when you enter your Rhodes username, you should append "@wf.ru.ac.za" to the end of it (so that remote eduroam sites know where you are from).

The first time you connect, you may see a security alert:

You can check the credentials by clicking on Details arrow - we use a certificate in the name of register.ru.ac.za signed by DigiCert Inc.  Once you're satisfied that you're talking to Rhodes, you can click Connect.

Connecting from other devices

See the Config page.


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