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Growing the next generation of academics

The need for universities to ensure that a future generation of academics is developed to serve higher education into the future. Centre staff member, Dr Hlengwa coordinates the programme which pairs young academics up with more experienced mentors and which ensures that they have a reduced teaching load as they work towards further qualifications.

Over a ten year period the programm has received generous funding of $2 500 000 from The Mellon Foundation and as well as The Kresge Foundation.

In 2012 the Rhodes Accelerated Development Programme was introduced. This programme is funded by Rhodes and works in the same way as the Mellon and Kresge Programmes. In 2012 appointments on this Programme were made in the following departments: Politics, Mathematics and Management and in 2013 appointments were made in Education, Environmental Education and Pharmacy. In 2014 two appointments were made in the Department of Statistics and one in the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science.

In total, to date,  44 lecturers have been appointed on the three Accelerated Development Programmes. Of those 16 occupy full-time posts at Rhodes and 12 are still completing their initial three year contracts.

A national initiative, the Staffing South Africa’s Universities (SSAU) scheme, is due to be launched in 2015. Part of that scheme is the Next Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) which aims to contribute towards address staffing issues across the SA HE sector. Dr Amanda Hlengwa will be taking over the co-ordination of the nGAP at Rhodes in 2015.



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