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Lewis Gordon Public Lecture

Professor Lewis Gordon, the Nelson Mandela Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of Political and International Studies gave this year's public lecture hosted Thinking Africa.

NGOs and Social Justice Colloquium: Key Themes

The fourth annual Thinking Africa colloquium took place from 27-28 September 2014 at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Thinking Africa colloquiums seek to encourage careful consideration of key issues related to the study of Africa and typically include active participation from postgraduate students with the aim of encouraging conversation and debate between current and future scholars.

NGOs and Social Justice in Africa Colloquium Programme

Our fourth annual Thinking Africa colloquium will be held from 27-28 September 2014.

Thinking Africa 2014 Colloquium

This year's Thinking Africa colloquium will be on the theme 'NGOs and Social Justice in Africa'.

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Featured Publication

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