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UHURU is concerned with the need to re-invigorate theory, understand political agency, power and the role of the humanities, winthin three broad research areas:

1. The Humanities and Political Agency in Africa 
2. The Post-colonial State in the South
3. Power and Resistance, Past and Present

In all three cases, it is expected that analyses will be focussed on understanding processes of agency, subjectivation and political emancipation, past and present for the rethinking of a new future. The individual research of the students at UHURU falls under any of these areas.

In conjunction, UHURU is concerned with creating an enviroment where critical research practices and scholarly engagment within and around the relevant areas of inquiry are cultivated. This is done through hosting weekly engagements, open to the public, such as the Tuesday "Theory & Event" workshops, Wednesday seminars, public lectures, postgraduate master classes and termly colloquiua. 

For an outline of the research objectives of the programme, see the following pages:

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