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The following is a reference list of papers presented at past UHURU weekly seminars and lectures. Links to papers are included. PLEASE NOTE: Unpublished works are not to be cited. 

Al-Bulushi, Yousuf. South African Struggles & the Global Threat of Race. Wednesday 22 July 2015. LINK: Dr Yousuf Al-Bulushi General Seminar

Allogio, Sergio & Dyantyi, Mbongisi. A black ‘differend’: Biko in conversation with Lyotard. Wednesday 5 August 2015. LINK: Allogio and Dyantyi on Biko and Lyotard

April, Thozama. Rethinking the Frontiers of the Eastern Cape. UNPUBLISHED (contact the author for permission to quote). Wednesday 8 June 2016. LINK:Thozama April

Badat, Saleem. Deciphering the Meanings, and Explaining the South African Higher Education Student Protests of 2015-16. UNPUBLISHED (contact the author for permission to quote). Monday 21 March 2016. LINK: Dr Saleem Badat 2016

Benson, Koni. Histories of struggle and struggles over history: Women’s organized resistance to forced removals in Crossroads, Cape Town 1975-2015. Wednesday 10 June 2015. LINK: General Seminar by Dr Koni Benson

Calis, Irene. Resitence through the Everyday: Struggles in Palestine. Wednesday 18 March 2015. LINK: Irene Callis Resistance through the everyday

Gutiérrez Aguilar, Raquel. "The community reproduction of life: Thinking of social trans-formation in the present" (co-authored with Huáscar Salazar Lohman). Wednesday 23 September 2015. LINK: Raquel GutiĆ©rrez Aguilar

Huchzermeyer, Marie. Reading Henri Lefebvre from the “Global South”: Looking at the legal dimensions of his right to the city.  Wednesday 20 May 2015. LINK: Marie Huchzemeyer Seminar

Jagarnath, Vashna. ‘Holding out to the public gaze’: Mohandas Gandhi & the Public Sphere. Wednesday 4 March 2015. LINK: Vashna Jagarnath on Publics and Gandhi

JanMohamed, Abdul. Toward a Political Economy of Death OR The Threat/Fear of Death as the Fundamental Mode of Coercion. Wednesday 30 September 2015. LINK: JanMohamed

Magubane, Zine. Spectacles and Scholarship: Caster Semenya, Intersex Studies and the Problem of Race in Feminist Theory. Thursday 7 May 2015. LINK: Seminar by Prof Zine Magubane 

Madlingozi, Tshepo. Transitional Justice as Epistemicide. Wednesday 29 April 2015. LINK: Seminar by Tshepo Madlingozi

Mba, Chika. "A Humanistic Critique of Cultural Essentialism". Wednesday 16 September 2015. LINK: Chika Mba

Mokoena, Hlonipha. "The Afterlife of Words". Friday 18 September 2015. LINK: Hlonipha Mokoena

Msindo, E. "Chapter 27: Postcolonial Africa and the West" in a fourthcoming publication (2016). Wenesday 2 March 2016. Link:Enocent Msindo on Postcolonial Africa and the West  

Naicker, Camalita. What’s in a Name? Marikana and its afterlives in popular struggles in South Africa today. Wednesday 25 March 2015.

Naicker, Camalita. "The languages of xenophobia in post-apartheid South Africa: Reviewing migrancy, foreignness, and solidarity" Agenda (postponed Wednesday 28 September 2016) Camalita Naicker on Xenophobia

Neocosmos, Michael. Thinking an African Politics of Peace in an Era of Increasing Violence Wednesday 15 April 2015.

Neocosmos, Michael. "The Thought of Politics: an Introduction" (Forthcoming) Wednesday, 9 September 2015. LINK: Micheal Neocosmos Seminar Paper

Neocosmos, Michael. "Navigating the Pitfalls of State Democracy: thinking NGOs from an emancipatory perspective", Unpublished Not to be cited without permission of the author]. Wednesday 9 March 2016. LINK: Neocosmos on NGOs and Emancipatory Thought

Nieftegodien, Noor. Shack Dwellers’ Movements and the Making of Johannesburg. Wednesday 11 March 2015. LINK: Prof Noor Nieftagodien

Nilsen, Alf. Making Our Own History: Marxism and/as Movement-Relevant Theory in the Twilight of Neoliberalism. Thursday 14 May 2015. See Making Our Own History Review, in order to get a sense of the ideas discusssed.

O’Halloran, Paddy. Moments of conceptual potential: Frantz Fanon, the postcolony, and “nonwar communities”. Wednesday 3 June 2015. LINK: Seminar - Paddy O'Holloran

Pillay, Suren. "An Inheritance of Predicaments: On Some African experiences of Decolonization". Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape. Wednesday 18 May 2016. LINK: Suren Pillay.

Pithouse, Richard. "An Urban commons? Notes from South Africa". Community Development Journal. Vol 49, No S1 January 2014 pp. i31–i43. Wednesday 29 July 2015, LINK: Richard Pithouse on "An Urban Commons?"

Pithouse, Richard. Haiti, Mbeki and Contemporary Imperialism. Unpublished, presented at Unit for Humanities at Rhodes University. Wednesday 24 February 2016. LINK: Haiti, Mbeki and Contemporary Imperialism.

Ramani, Esther & Michael Joseph. Equity and Excellence: The Power of Languages against the Languages of Power. Wednesday 13 May 2015. LINK: Esther and Michael

Renard, Alicia. The 'Calais Jungles' and the failure of European migration policies. Wednesday 13 April 2016. LINK: Alicia Renard Seminar

Roy, Ananya. Who is afraid of postcolonial theory?. Thursday 17 June 2015. LINK: Ananya Roy - Who is afraid of Postcolonial Theory?

Roy, Srila. Affective politics and the sexual subaltern: lesbian activism in eastern India. Wednesday 18 Februrary 2015. LINK: Srila Roy Affective Politics

Selmeczi, Anna. "Haunted by the Rebellion of the Poor: Civil Society and the Racialized Problem of the (Non-)economic Subject". Foucault Studies, No. 20, pp. 52-75, December 2015. Wednesday 17 February 2016. LINK to paper: Anna Selmeczi Seminar   

Valley, Salim & Motala, Enver. "Neville Alexander on the Unresolved National Question – A Warning Ignored". Forthcoming in Webster. E (ed) The Unresolved National Question, Wits University Press. Draft – not to be quoted without the authors’ permission. Wednesday 14 October 2015. LINK: Salim Valley

Vambe, Maurice Taonezvi. "Witness and archive: traumatic experiences of a child soldier in WARCHILD: A child soldier's story." Commonwealth Youth and Development 12.1 (2014): 101-121. Wednesday 16 March 2016. LINK: Maurice Vambe Paper

Westaway, Ashley. The Functionality of the Education Crisis. Wednesday 25 February 2015. LINK: Functionality of SAs dysfunctional schools

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