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Research Reports 2009


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Erdogmus,A and Nyokong,T
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Erdogmus,A, Nyokong,T and Ogunsipe,A
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George,R and Nyokong,T
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Khene,S, Lobb,K and Nyokong,T
Khene,S, Lobb,K and Nyokong,T. "Characterization of nickel tetrahydroxy phthalocyanine complexes and the electrocatalytic oxidation of 4-chlorophenol: correlation of theory with experiments". Inorganic Chimica Acta. 2009. 362,5055-5063.

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Matemadombo,F and Nyokong,T
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Modibane,D and Nyokong,T
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Modibane,DK and Nyokong,T
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Mutorwa,M, Salisu,S and Kaye,PT
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