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Rhodes Business School MBA

Ever since its inception in 2000, the Rhodes Business School has challenged business leaders to actively engage with contemporary business issues evident in the country and continent today.

Being part of a research intensive, scholarly Rhodes University environment, the Rhodes Business School programmes continue to ignite interest in critically thinking about the impact the broader world has on business and vice-versa. The School’s in-depth approach to knowledge advancement has been firmly acknowledged by its MBA students and graduates to have led to profound personal growth and development, significant attainment of relevant business knowledge, enhanced leadership capabilities and career advancement.

Our MBA programme is intensive, interactive and innovative.

As the MBA has a generalist approach, the range of research areas is quite diverse. Popular research areas are leadership, entrepreneurship, change management, strategy, marketing, project management and sustainability.  Students are at liberty to research any area of business administration that is addressed as a module within the MBA.  It may be in the form of a case study, evaluation report or academic paper, of 15 000 words on a research topic of the candidate’s choice but aligned with some aspect of sustainability and subject to supervisory support.

Contact person for research in the Rhodes Business School:

Dr MacDonald Kanyangale (m.kanyangale@ru.ac.za)

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