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Info bill developments welcomed by Rhodes

Date Released: Fri, 13 September 2013 12:59 +0200

Rhodes University has welcomed President Jacob Zuma's decision to refer the Protection of State Information Bill back to Parliament.

Zuma made the announcement yesterday saying the Bill in its current form would not pass constitutional muster.

Rhodes University professor, Jane Duncan, says they've noted that the President has expressed concern about two sections in particular which deal with the criminalisation of possession of classified information and the criminalisation of the wrongful classification of information. 

Duncan says in spite of some concessions by the government, Rhodes University still believe that there are many more issues that make the Bill constitutionally suspect.
"We feel that the criteria for classification of information is still quite broad. There are insufficient independancy structures built into the system in order to review the system of classification also we agree with large sections of civil society about their concern that the public interest offence remains to narrow and all of these things still remain problems" Duncan said.

Article Source: http://www.algoafm.co.za/article.aspx?id=7522