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Untold stories to be told at exhibition

Date Released: Tue, 22 January 2013 08:59 +0200

There will be an exhibition at the Constitution Hill about untold South African stories.

There are many untold stories about South Africa that have not been documented but an exhibition at Constitution Hill will give voice to those untold stories.

A text and photographic exhibition will be launched to the public on Thursday at Constitution Hill entitled: “The Forgotten People: Banishment under Apartheid,” based on a book by Dr Saleem Badat of Rhodes University.
The University of Witwatersrand’s  Dr Noor Nietagodien said: “I think this exhibition is important for a number of reasons but mostly because we have done a lot in terms of public, academic and institutional reform post-Apartheid. But there are still many people whose life stories remain in the shadows.”

Nietagodien added that the exhibition would unearth the hidden history and nature of banishment and experiences.

“The critical thing is that we give a voice to people who have not been heard.”

The exhibition will run from January 24 to February 11 2013.

On the January 31 a walkabout through the exhibition will be arranged for history students from and around Johannesburg to give them an opportunity to engage with some of the material they study in school and also to ask question and get clarity.

The exhibition looks at political banishment in the apartheid era.

Banishment has been used as a form of punishment in South Africa from the early colonial period. Both the Dutch and British colonial administrations banished people who challenged their authority.

When the apartheid government seized power in 1948, it continued to use banishment as a way of silencing its opponents and many people were banished under the Native Administration Act (1927).

Story by: Liezelle Kumalo liezellek@thenewage.co.za

Picture: Gallo Images

Source: The New Age