Thabisa Mdlangu

Senior Technical Officer

Discipline: Entomology

Thabisa Mdlangu
  Office: G16, Ground Floor, Life Science Building


  Phone: +27 46 603 8759

  MSc, Entomology, Fort Hare University (2010)


Thabisa completed her MSc in Entomology Biological Control at Fort Hare University in 2010. She works as a Senior Technical Officer in the Entomology section of the Department. She manages the Van Hille Lab, preparing for the undergraduate lab classes, capturing marks and maintaining the insect collection and live insect cultures. She is in charge of the departmental resale stock and loaning of equipment for research purposes. She organises field trips for undergraduates and assists postgraduates with their fieldwork. She assists with departmental community engagement events and programmes. She is eager to support academic staff and students.

Research Interests

  • Biological Control
  • Taxonomy
  • Insect Ecology

 Personal Interests

  • Community Development
  • Reading
  • Mentorship programme

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