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Prof Alan Hodgson

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PhD Manchester University (1980)
DSc Manchester University (2004)

Phone: + 27 (0) 46 603 7093
Email: a.hodgson 'at' ru.ac.za


  • Invertebrate gametogenesis, gamete structure and function
  • Invertebrate reproduction
  • Molluscan biology
  • Biology of limpets
  • Biology and ecology of estuarine invertebrates
  • Knysna Basin Project


Current students

James Radloff (M.Sc.) - Recruitment of the invasive bivalve Mytilus galloprovincicalis in the Knysna Estuary.

Murray Roodt (M.Sc.) – Invertebrate biodiversity on floating docks in Thesen Islands Marina, Knysna.

Cassandra Barker (Honours) - Population structure of the Knysna seahorse in Codium tenue.

David Taylor (Honours) - Comparison of fish diversity using baited and unbaited action cameras in two permanently open estuaries.

Recently Graduated students:

Melissa Pollard (M.Sc.) – Utilization of sea grass meadows by fish in the Knysna estuary

Louw Claassens (Ph.D.) - Biology and ecology of the Knysna seahorse



Some recent publications

HODGSON, A.N. & DICKENS, J. 2012. Activity of the mangrove snail Cerithidea decollata (Gastropoda: Potamididae) in a warm temperate South African estuary. Estuarine and Coastal Shelf Science. 109: 98-106.

HODGSON, A.N., FERENZ, H-J. & SCHNEIDER S. 2013. Formation of sperm bundles in Pterostichus nigrita (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Invertebrate Reproduction and Development.57: 120-131.

HODGSON, A.N., ECKELBARGER, K.J., HODGSON, V. & YOUNG, C.M. 2013. Spermatozoon structure of Acesta oophaga (Limidae), a cold-seep bivalve. Invertebrate Reproduction and Development. 57: 70-73.

KRUGER, S., FERENZ, H-J., RANDALL, M. & HODGSON, A.N. 2014. Structure of the male reproductive accessory glands of Pterostichus nigrita (Coleoptera: Carabidae), their role in spermatophore formation. Invertebrate Reproduction and Development. 58: 75-88.

ECKELBARGER, K.J. & HODGSON A.N. 2014. Ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and synthesis of enigmatic cytoplasmic inclusions in the spirally-shaped spermatozoon of the polychaete Spio setosa (Annelida: Spionidae). Invertebrate Biology. 133: 146-157.

HODGSON, A.N., BOOTH, A.J., DAVID-ENGELBRECHT, V. & HENNINGER, T.O. 2014. Some life-history parameters of the non-native amphipod Platorchestia platensis (Talitridae) in a warm temperate South African estuary. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa. 69: 97-106.

NYALUNGU, N.P., HODGSON, A.N., FRONEMAN, P.W., DOPOLO, M. & MASUBELELE, M. 2014. Bio- and physic-chemical factors affecting the temporal and spatial variability in the distribution of Palaemon peringueyi (Decapoda: Crustacea) in the permanently open Kariega Estuary, South Africa. African Journal of Aquatic Science 39: 435-442.

PINCHUCK, SA, ALLANSON, BR AND HODGSON, AN. 2015. Evolutionary retention of defensive lateral pedal glands in the smallest siphonariid limpet (Gastropoda: Pulmonata). African Zoology. 50 (4): 327-330.

POLLARD, M. & HODGSON, A.N. 2016. Mytilus galloprovincialis (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in a warm-temperate South Africa estuarine embayment. African Journal of Aquatic Science 41: 57-65.

HODGSON, A.N., RIDGEWAY, J.A. & VILLET, M.H. 2016. Sperm ultrastructure and spermatodesm morphology of the spittle bug Locris transversa (Thunberg 1822) (Hemiptera: Cercopidae). Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 60: 87-94.

DIEMAR, N., GRIFFITHS, C.L. & HODGSON, A.N. 2016. Disentangling the identities and distribution patterns of the introduced beachfleas Orchestia gammarellus and Platorchestia platensis (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Talitridae) in South Africa.  African Zoology 51: 203-210.

POLLARD, M., HODGSON, A.N., KOK, H.M. & WHITFIELD. 2017. Eelgrass beds and bare substrata – sparid and mugilid composition in contrasting littoral estuarine habitats. African Journal of Marine Science 39: 211-224.

CLAASSENS, L. & HODGSON, A.N. 2018. Gaining insights into in situ behaviour of an endangered seahorse using action cameras. Journal of Zoology, London. 304: 98-108. doi:10.1111/jzo.12509

CLAASSENS, L., BOOTH, A.J. & HODGSON, A.N. 2018. An endangered seahorse selectively chooses and artificial structure. Environmental Biology of Fishes. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10641-018-0732-4



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