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Prof Christopher McQuaid

Christopher Mc Quaid 120x200

Chair of Zoology and SARCHI Research Chair in Marine Biology

PhD University of Cape Town (1980)

Phone: + 27 (0) 46 603 8535
Email: c.mcquaid@ru.ac.za


  • Intertidal Biology
  • Southern Oceans research


Current students

MSc - Isabel Micklem (BSc Hons, Rhodes)

MSc - Jaqueline Trassierra (BSc, UCT)

MSc - Moline Gusha (BSc Hons, Bulawayo)

MSc - Sebby Kankondi (BSc Hons, Rhodes)

MSc - Siphelele Dyanti (BSc Hons, Walter Sisulu University)

PhD - Aldwin Ndlovo (MSc, Rhodes)

PhD - Carla Lorenco (MSc, Faro, Portugal)

PhD - Carlota Fernández Muñiz (BSc, Oviedo, Spain)

PhD - Daniel Danckwerts (MSc, Rhodes) 

Post Docs 

Cristián Monaco (PhD, South Carolina)

Eleonora Puccinellii (PhD, Rhodes)

Jeffrey Hean (PhD, Rhodes) 


Some recent publications

  • Lourenço  CR, Zardi GI, McQuaid CDSerrão EA, Pearson GA, Jacinto R, Nicastro KR. 2016. Upwelling areas as climate change refugia for the distribution and genetic diversity of a marine macroalga.  J Biogeogr
  • Plass-Johnson JG, McQuaid CD, Hill JM2016.  Morphologically similar, coexisting hard corals (Porites lobata and P. solida) display similar trophic isotopic ratios across reefs and depths.  Mar Freshw Res 67: 671-676 
  • Lathlean JA, Seuront L, McQuaid CD, Ng PTP, Zardi G, Nicastro K. 2016. Cheating the locals: invasive mussels steal  and benefit from the cooling effect of indigenous mussels.  PLoS One 11 (3):e0152556.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.oi52556 
  • Danckwerts, DK, McQuaid, CD, Connan, M, Smale, MJ, Corre, ML, Humeau, L, Kaehler, S, Juhasz, CC, Orlowski, S, Tourmetz, J, Jaquemet, S. 2016. Intra-annual variation in the foraging ecology of the endangered endemic Barau’s Petrel (Pterodroma baraui) from Réunion Island, south-western Indian Ocean: insights from a multifaceted approach. Mar Biol: 163: 1–15. 
  • Tagliarolo M, McQuaid CD. 2016. Field measurements indicate unexpected, serious underestimation of mussel heart rates and thermal tolerance by laboratory studiesPLoS ONE 11(2): e0146341. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0146341 
  • Puccinelli, E, Noyon, M, McQuaid CD.  2016. Hierarchical effects of biogeography and upwelling shape the dietary signatures of benthic filter feeders.  Mar Ecol Prog Ser 543: 37-54  
  • Puccinelli E, Noyon M, McQuaid CD.  2016. Does proximity to urban centres affect the dietary regime of marine benthic filter feeders? Estuar. Coast. Self  Sci. 169: 147-157 
  • Humphries AT, McQuaid CD, McClanahan, TR.  2015. Context-dependent diversity-effects of seaweed consumption on coral reefs in Kenya.  PLoS ONE 10(12): e0144204. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0144204 
  • Bell C, McQuaid CD, Porri, F.  2015. Barnacle settlement on rocky shores: substratum preference and epibiosis on mussels.  J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 473: 195-201 
  • Qhaji Y Jansen van Vuuren B,  Papadopoulos I,  McQuaid CD, Teske PR. 2015. A comparison of genetic structure in two low-dispersal crabs from the Wild Coast, South Africa.   Afr J mar Sci 37: 345-351 
  • Baldanzi  S, Weidberg N, Fusi M, Cannicci S, McQuaid CD, Porri F.  2015. Contrasting environments shape thermal physiology across the spatial range of the sandhopper Talorchestia capensis.   Oecologia 179:1067–1078 
  • Tagliarolo M, McQuaid CD.  2015. Sub-lethal and sub-specific temperature effects are better predictors of mussel distribution than thermal tolerance.  Mar Ecol Prog Ser 535: 145–159 
  • McQuaid CD, Porri F, Nicastro KR, Zardi GI.  2015. Simple, scale-dependent patterns emerge from complex effects - an example from the intertidal mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis and Perna pernaOceanogr Mar Biol Ann Rev 53: 127-156 
  • Connan M, Teske  PR, Tree AJ, Whittington PA, McQuaid CD.  2015. The subspecies of Antarctic Terns (Sterna vittata) wintering on the South African coast: evidence from morphology, genetics and stable isotopes.  Emu 115: 223–236 
  • Zardi GI, Nicastro KR, McQuaid CD, Castilho R, Costa J, Serrão EA, Pearson GA. 2015. Intraspecific genetic lineages of a marine mussel show behavioural divergence and spatial segregation over a tropical/subtropical biogeographic transition.  BMC Evol Biol. 15:100doi:10.1186/s12862-015-0366-5 
  • Plass-Johnson JG, McQuaid CD, Hill JM.  2015. The effects of tissue type and body size on δ13and δ15N values in parrotfish (Scaridae) from Zanzibar, Tanzania.  J Appl Icthyol 31: 633-637 
  • Von der Meden CEO, Cole VJ, McQuaid CD. 2015. Do the threats of predation and competition alter larval behaviour and selectivity at settlement under field conditions?  J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 471: 240-246 
  • Baldanzi S, McQuaid CD, Porri F.  2015. Temperature effects on reproductive allocation in the sandhopper Talorchestia capensis. Biol Bull 228:181-191 
  • Assis J, Zupan M, Nicastro KR, Zardi GI, McQuaid CD, Serrao EA. 2015. Oceanographic conditions limit the spread of a marine invader along southern African shores.  PLoS One 10(6): e0128124. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0128124 
  • Mmonwa KL, Teske PR, McQuaid CD, Barker NP. 2015. Historical demography of southern African patellid limpets: congruence of population expansions, but not phylogeographyAfr J mar Sci 37: 11-20 
  • Fusi M, Giomi F, Babbini S, McQuaid CD, Porri F, Cannicci S. 2015. Thermal specialization across large geographical scales predicts the resilience of mangrove crab populations to global warming.  Oikos 124: 784-795 
  • Weidberg N,  Porri F,  von der Meden  C, Jackson JM,  Goschen W, McQuaid CD. 2015.  Mechanisms of nearshore retention and offshore export of mussel larvae over the Agulhas Bank.  J mar Sys 144: 70-80 
  • Kramer R, Vink TJF, Mostert BP, McQuaid CD, Wasserman RJ.  2015. Utilization of mangrove crab-burrow micro-habitats by the goby Redigobius dewaali: evidence for dominance hierarchy. J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 462: 1-7 
  • Nakin MDV, McQuaid CD. 2014. Marine reserve effects on population density and size structure of commonly and rarely exploited limpets in South Africa. Afr J mar Sci 36: 303-311 
  • Danckwerts DK, McQuaid CD, Jaeger A, McGregor GK,  Dwight R, Le Corre M, Jaquemet J.  2014. Biomass consumption by breeding seabirds in the Western Indian ocean?: indirect interactions with fisheries and implications for management.  ICES J Mar Sci 71: 2589-2598 
  • Kohler SA, Connan M, Kolasinski J, Cherel Y,  McQuaid CD, Jaquemet S. 2014. Trophic overlap between sexes in the dimorphic African black oystercatcher foraging on an alien mussel.  Austral Ecol 29: 567–578 
  • Diaz ER, McQuaid CD. 2014. Short term spatial stability in trophic interactions.  J Ecol 102: 1138–1149 
  • Jungerstam J, Erlandsson J, McQuaid CD, Porri F, Westerbom M, Kraufvelin P.  2014. Is habitat amount important for biodiversity in rocky shore systems? A study of South African mussel assemblages.  Mar Biol 161:1507–1519 
  • Cunha RL, Nicastro KR, Costa J, McQuaid CD, Serrão EA, Zardi GI. 2014. Wider sampling reveals a non-sister relationship for geographically contiguous lineages of a marine mussel.  Ecol Evol doi: 10.1002/ece3.1033 
  • Humphries AT, McClanahan TR, McQuaid CD 2014. Differential impacts of coral reef herbivores on algal composition and succession in Kenya. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 504: 119-132 
  • Porri F, Jackson JM, von der Meden CEO, Weidberg López N, McQuaid CD.  2014. The effect of mesoscale oceanographic features on the distribution of mussel larvae along the south coast of South Africa.  J mar Sys 132: 162-173 
  • Connan M, McQuaid CD, Bonnevie BT, Smale MJ, Cherel Y. 2014. Combined stomach content, lipid and stable isotope analyses reveal spatial and trophic partitioning among three sympatric albatrosses from the Southern Ocean.  Mar Ecol Prog Ser 497: 259–272 
  • Teske PR, Papadopoulos , Barker NP, McQuaid CD, Beheregaray LB. 2014.  Mito-nuclear discordance in genetic structure across the Atlantic/Indian Ocean biogeographical transition zone.  J Biogeogr 41: 392-401 
  • Rius M, Clusella-Trullas  S, McQuaid CD, Navarro RA, Griffiths CL, Matthee CA, von der Heyden S, Turon X. 2014. Range expansions across ecoregions: interactions of climate change, physiology and genetic diversity.  Global Ecol Biogeogr 23: 76-88 

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