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Francois Joubert

Entomology Masters Candidate


Phone: +27 71 237 5239

Email: g14j8519@campus.ru.ac.za


BSc (Hons) Rhodes University (2014)


‌Thesis Title

Assessment of pheromone specificity in FCM populations with focus on pest monitoring and regional rollout of SIT

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill, Co-supervisor: Dr Sean Moore


General Summary

Francois completed his BSc Honours at Rhodes University in 2014. His current project will focus on improving the sterile insect technique (SIT) for false codling moth (FCM), an important pest of citrus. This technique works via the mass release of sterilized male FCM into the orchards to dilute the ration of wild to sterile moths. Currently all the sterilized moths used for the SIT programmes in South Africa come from a single population originating from Citrusdal. The SIT programme in Citrusdal has been more effective compared to other areas. It is suspected that there is some variation in the pheromones secreted by the female moths between populations and therefore the males are less successful at locating females from different populations.

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