Izak Pretorius

Entomology Masters Candidate


Phone: +27 83 411 8174

Email: g09p2612@campus.ru.ac.za


BSc (Hons) Rhodes University (2012)



Thesis Title

A revision of the taxonomy of the Eurytomid wasps.

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill, Co-supervisor: Prof. Steve Compton


General Summary

Izak completed his Honours degree at Rhodes University in 2012. His current work focuses on the taxonomy (species identification & descriptions) and systematics (the relation species have to each other) of wasps associated with fig trees. Wild figs are an important part of many ecosystems and a valuable resource to rural communities. Fig wasps often play an important role in ecosystem health. Many fig wasps are pests; however others have also been successfully employed as biological control agents against other pests and invasive plants. Unfortunately, many wasp species have not yet been described, and therefore we cannot manage potential uses effectively (e.g. conservation, biological control agents, etc.). A better understanding of fig and wasp relationships will help with the conservation and management of this extraordinary and valuable resource.

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