Mathew Goddard

Research Technician

BSc (Hons) Rhodes University (2013)

MSc Rhodes University (2016) 

MSc Thesis Title

Using banana odour as an attractant for monitoring fruit piercing moth in citrus orchards.

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill, Co-supervisor: Dr Sean Moore.

General Summary

Mathew completed his BSc Honours at Rhodes University in 2013. His current project focuses on methods to monitor Serrodes partita and Achaea lienardi, which are both damaging fruit-feeding moths in citrus orchards. Two general categories of fruit-feeding moths exist. These are fruit-piercing moths (S. partita) and fruit-sucking moths (A. lienardi). Only fruit-piercing moths have the ability to cause primary damage and fruit-sucking moths can only feed on fruit which has already been damaged, very often by fruit-piercing moths. Outbreaks of these moths in the Eastern Cape and southern part of the Western Cape occur every 5-10 years after heavy summer rains. There are no effective chemical option’s available for control of fruit-feeding moths as these moths are extremely hardy to chemical pesticides. Ultimately he hopes that he will be able to determine a method to monitoring and controlling these moths within the citrus orchards.

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