Prinavin Naidu

Entomology Masters Candidate

Office: S10, Second Floor, Life Science Building

BSc (Hons), University of Pretoria (2014)

Thesis title: The Invasion ecology of Nymphaea mexicana (Mexican water lily) in South Africa.

Supervisor: Prof. Julie Coetzee, Co-supervisors: Prof. Craig Peter and Dr. Jaclyn Hill

Prinavin completed his Honours degree at the University of KwaZulu- Natal, Pietermaritzburg campus in 2014. His research focused on the life history of Ceratitis rosa (the Natal fruit fly) on different fruit hosts, which is an important agricultural fruit pest in South Africa.

His current research focuses on understanding the ecology and biology of Nymphaea mexicana with the ultimate aim of determining the suitability of the Mexican water lily as a candidate for biological control.

The research framework for his project includes: 1) A pre-introductory survey of the biodiversity associated with N. mexicana populations2) Investigations of the genetic variability and differentiation between and within N. mexicana populations in SA as well as the genetic variability and differentiation between the native (USA and Mexico) and the invasive range (SA)3) Investigations of vegetative reproduction in N. mexicana, as well as sexual (pollination and hybridization) reproduction in N. mexicana.

Research interests
  • Population genetics of invasive alien plants (IAPs)


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