Samuel Motitsoe


Entomology Masters Candidate


Phone: +27 83 559 7918



BSc (Hons) University of the Free State (2012)


Thesis Title

Mapping N-Loading in aquatic systems: using aquatic biota to trace nutrient loading.

Supervisor: Dr. Jaclyn Hill, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill


General Summary

Sam completed his Honours degree at the University of the Free State in 2012. Nitrogen loading in freshwater systems is one of the biggest drivers of aquatic ecosystem deterioration worldwide. Anthropogenic inputs result in the eutrophication of aquatic systems, leaving our freshwater systems vulnerable to aquatic weed invasions (e.g. water hyacinth, parrots feather, water fern and etc.) along with fish kills, toxic algal blooms and a loss of biodiversity. His current research entails nitrogen mapping of freshwater systems and investigations of trophic interactions to help understand the impact of anthropogenic eutrophication. He aims to evaluate the potential of stable isotopes as “an early warning” bio-monitoring tool for the mapping of nitrogen loading in freshwater systems, and compare this tool with the established standard method for assessing aquatic ecosystem health through the identification of aquatic aquatic macroinvertebrates (SASS5).


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