Tamryn Marsberg


Entomology Masters Candidate


Phone: +27 73 151 6508

Email: tamrynmars@gmail.com


BSc (Hons) Rhodes University (2013)



Thesis Title

Identification and characterization of a baculovirus for the microbial control of litchi moth, Cryptophlebia peltastica (Meyrick) (1921) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill, Co-supervisor: Dr Sean Moore


General Summary

Tammy completed her Honours degree at Rhodes University in 2013. She is currently working on litchi moths, which are major pests of litchis. Litchi larvae feed on everything from the seed to the flesh, causing major damage. This damage prevents farmers from getting as much profit as they possibly can, as damaged fruit cannot be sold. To prevent the litchi larvae causing damage we need to decrease the population size and prevent the larvae from entering the food, through pest control. The pest control method that will be used is a virus, known as a granulovirus. The granulovirus is sprayed onto the surface of the litchis, so when the larvae take a bite of the litchi they swallow the virus as well. The virus will take over the larva’s body, eventually causing it to die and spread more virus. Her research is therefor to find the virus to control litchi moths.

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