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Michael Jukes


Entomology and Microbiology Doctoral Candidate


Phone: +27 079 497 5602

Email: mrmdjukes@gmail.com


MSc Rhodes University (2015)

Thesis Title

Genetic and biological characterization of a novel nucleopolyhedrovirus from the false codling moth (FCM), Thaumatotibia leucotreta, for improved control of FCM

Supervisor: Dr Caroline Knox, Co-supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill, Dr Sean Moore


General Summary

Michael Jukes is in his first year of his doctorate degree in microbiology. His research focusses on the discovery and evaluation of insect viruses in agricultural pests and products. This involves the isolation of insect viruses from agricultural insect pests (such as the Potato Tuber Moth or False Codling Moth) and commercial biological pesticides in order to develop new biological control methods and to better understand current control methods. Once a virus is isolated it is identified using morphological and genetic techniques. A successfully isolated and identified virus undergoes laboratory testing to determine its efficacy against the insect pest with highly virulent isolates undergoing further evaluation. The primary aim of Michael’s work is to further our collective understanding of viruses in the baculovirus family which will allow for the development of commercial biopesticides and greater control of agricultural pests is South Africa.


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