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Samuel Motitsoe

Samuel Motitsoe

Entomology Doctoral Candidate and Entomology Lecturer

(n-GAP, New Generation of Academic’s Programme)

Phone: 083 559 7918

Email: samy4045@gmail.com


BSc. (Hons) in Zoology – University of the Free State (2013)

MSc. in Entomology – Rhodes University (2016)

Thesis Title

Ecological recovery and restoration of aquatic ecosystem after successful biological control of aquatic weeds

Supervisor: Dr Jaclyn Hill, Co-supervisor: Prof Julie Coetzee, Mentor: Prof Martin Hill


General Summary

Samuel Motitsoe is a PhD Candidate in the Biological Control Research Group (BCRG) Department of Zoology and Entomology at Rhodes University. His project aims to evaluate how successful biological control of invasive aquatic weeds contributes to ecosystem recovery and/or restoration. The norm in biological control programmes is to conduct extensive pre-release studies on biological control agents, including exploration, identification, host-specificity testing; followed by subsequent post-release efforts that include mass rearing, releasing and long-term monitoring surveys. Very few studies have, however, quantified ecosystem restoration following control of aquatic invasives, and the subsequent benefits to freshwater ecosystems. This study thus aims to quantify ecosystem restoration through water quality and sediment analysis, benthic organism diversity analyses (abundances, composition, structure) and dragonfly and damselfly species scores.


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