Dr Aldi Nel

Postdoctoral Fellow: Marine Biology

BSc (Zoology), Stellenbosch University (2009)

MSc (Zoology), Stellenbosch University (2012)

PhD (Fisheries Science), Rhodes University (2015)

Office: Room 346, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

Email: A.Nel@saiab.ac.za

Project title:

The thermal stress sensitivities of the early life stages of Mytilus galloprovincialis mussels from the south and west coast of South Africa

Aldi is interested in integrating knowledge of the physiology, life cycles and biology of marine invertebrates with aquatic environmental interactions, both in natural ecosystems and in culture environments. During her MSc, Aldi characterised the growth, morphological and feeding response of cultured Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) to different South African coastal farming localities in transplant experiments. Her supervisors included Dr Sue Jackson and Dr Tamara Robinson (Department of Botany and Zoology, University of Stellenbosch). Aldi subsequently moved to Rhodes University for a PhD project on the effect of macroalgae supplementation on the digestive physiology of cultured abalone fed formulated feeds. She studied the effect of macroalgae on the gut microflora and digestive enzyme levels of abalone and have also been involved with research on the effects of carbohydrate and protein ingredients on the metabolism and gut microflora of dusky kob. For the past year and as part of a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, she conducted respirometry experiments to compare the temperature response of the settlers and recruits of Perna perna and Mytilus galloprovincialis mussels.

Research Interests:

Marine Invertebrate Biology


Aquaculture Research

Larval Ecology


Recent Publications
  • Mabasa NC, Britz PJ, Jones CLW and A Nel. 2018. The effect of graded levels of carbohydrate on dusky kob Argyrosomus japonicus, fed pelleted diets. African Journal of Marine Science: 40: 267-277.
  • Nel A, Jones CLW, Britz PJ and S Landzela. 2018. The effect of juvenile abalone Haliotis midae (Linnaeus, 1758) weaning diet on gut-bacterial formation. Journal of Shellfish Research 37: 191 - 197.
  • Nel A, Pletschke BI, Jones CLW, Kemp JOG, Robinson G and PJ Britz. 2017. The effect of kelp (Ecklonia maxima) inclusion in formulated feed on growth, feed utilisation and the gut microbiota of South African abalone (Haliotis midae). African Journal of Marine Science 39: 183 - 192.
  • Nel A, Pletschke BI and PJ Britz. 2017. The effect of low-level kelp supplementation on digestive enzyme activity levels in cultured Haliotis midae abalone fed formulated feeds. African Journal of Marine Science 39: 175 -182.

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