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Dr Candice Ann Owen

Discipline: Entomology

Office: Life Sciences Building, Office S09

Phone: +(27) 84 716 4746

E-mail: candice.a.owen@gmail.com

PhD Rhodes University (2016)

Candice completed her PhD at Rhodes University in 2015. Her thesis detailed the life history of southern Africa’s only known maritime spider-egg parasitoid, Echthrodesis lamorali, and included aspects of the wasp’s distribution, basic biology, morphology and physiology. Candice is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at Rhodes University, using the Aquatic Ecophysiology Research Platform to investigate the physiological responses of insects used for biological control to different environmental stressors.

Research Interests

  • Insect physiology
  • Parasitoid biology
  • Data mining
  • Entomology

Recent Publications

OWEN, C. A., COETZEE, J. A. & VAN NOORT, S. 2014. Distributional range of the South African maritime spider-egg parasitoid wasp, Echthrodesis lamorali (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae: Scelioninae). African Invertebrates 55 (2): 323-332.

OWEN, C. A., COETZEE, J.A. & VAN NOORT, S. 2015. Just when you thought that ‘only a mother could love that face’... The Spider Club News 31(1): 15-16.

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