Dr Rosemary Mangan

Discipline: Entomology, Biological Control‌

Office: Biological Sci, Rm 212

Phone: +27 73 380 7396

Email: manganrosemary@gmail.com


PhD University College Dublin (2012)





Rosie completed her PhD at University College Dublin in 2012. Her work focused on evaluating candidate biological control agents for the submerged aquatic invasive weed Lagarosiphon major. During her PhD she became interested in the use of molecular approaches in biological control including the identification of genetically distinct populations, tracing the origin of invasive pest populations to identify potential biocontrol agents that are compatible and the development of improved recombinant natural enemies. Her work focusses on understanding the genetic structure of potential biological control agents in their native range. This information can then be used to identify populations that exhibit local adaptations to environmental conditions and organisms with which they interact. 


Research Interests

  • Invasive species

  • Biological control of aquatic weeds

  • Plant-insect interactions

  • Molecular approaches in biological control

  • Insect diet and health

  • Demographic growth parameters

  • Life table statistics

Recent Publications

  • Earle, W., M., Mangan, R., O Brien and Baars, J-R. 2013. Biology of Polypedilum n. sp. (Diptera: Chrionmidae), a promising candidate agent for the biological control of the aquatic weed Lagarosiphon major (Hydrocharitaceae) in Ireland. Biocontrol Science and Technology 23: 1267-128.

  • Mangan, R. and Baars, J-R. 2013. Use of life table statistics and degree day values to predict the colonisation success of Hydrellia lagarosiphon Deeming (Diptera: Ephydridae), a leaf mining fly of Lagarosiphon major (Ridley) Moss (Hydrocharitaceae), in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Biological Control 64: 143-151.

  • Hannigan, E., Mangan, R. and Kelly-Quinn, M. 2011. Evaluation of the success of mountain blanket bog pool restoration in terms of aquatic macroinvertebrates. Biology and the Environment 111B: 1-11.

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