Dr Tatenda Dalu


‌Claude Leon Post-Doctoral Fellow

BSc Hons (UZ), MSc (UZ), PhD (Rhodes)    

ORCID: 0000-0002-9019-7702                                      

Office: S17, Life Sciences Building, Barrat Lecture Complex, African St

Phone:  +27 83 3087633

Email: dalutatenda@yahoo.co.uk; t.dalu@ru.ac.za

Webpage: www.tatendadalu.weebly.com

Research Interests: Plankton ecology, trophic ecology, biodiversity and conservation

Current Postgraduate Students:

MSc - Moline Gusha (BSc Hons, NUST, ZIM)


Recent Research Publications:


  1. Nel HA, Dalu T and Wasserman RJ. 2018. Sinks and sources: assessing microplastic abundance in river sediment and deposit feeders in an Austral urban river system. Science of the Total Environment. 612(15 Jan):950–956. 
  2. Dalu T, Wasserman RJ, Wu Q, Froneman PW and Weyl OLF. 2017. River sediment metal and nutrient variations along an urban - agriculture gradient in an arid austral landscape: implications for environmental health. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-017-0728-1.
  3. Richoux NB, Bergamino L, Moyo S and Dalu T. 2018. Spatial and temporal variability in the nutritional quality of basal resources along a temperate river/estuary continuum. Organic Geochemistry. 116(Feb):1-12.


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  4. Dalu T, Wasserman RJ and Dalu MTB. 2017. Agricultural intensification and drought frequency increases may have landscape level consequences for ephemeral ecosystems. Global Change Biology. 23(3):983–985. Featured on BBC News Online and Freshwater Matters
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