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Prof William Froneman

William Froneman (Professor of Zoology)

Phone: + 27 (0) 46 603 8959
Email: w.froneman@ru.ac.za

Recent students

G Tweddle: PhD
R Wasserman: PhD
A Bishop: MSc
Z Nolte: MSc
C Njozela: MSc
N Nyalungu: MSc
N D’Sousa: MSc

Current students

R Daly: PhD
T Dalu: PhD
M Caputo PhD
L Dali: PhD
M Wolmerans: MSc

Recent publications

Mead A, Griffiths CL..et al (2013) Human-mediated drivers of change-impacts on coastal ecosystems and marine biota of South Africa. African Journal of Marine Science 35: 403-425.

Noyon M, Froneman PW (2013) Variability in egg production rates of the calanoid copepod, Pseudodiaptomus hessei, in a South African estuary in relation to environmental factors. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 135: 306-316.

Froneman PW, Vorwerk PD (2013) Response of the plankton to a freshwater pulse in a freshwater deprived permanently open South African estuary. Journal of Water Resources and Protection 5 405-413.

Henninger TO, Froneman PW (2013) Role of the sand prawn, Callichirus kraussi, as an ecosystem engineer in a South African temporarily open/closed estuary. African Journal of Aquatic Science 38: 101-107.

Ambrose ST, Froneman PW, Smale MJ, Cliff G, Plon S. (2013) Winter diet shift of long-beak common dolphins (Delphinus capensis) feeding on the sardine run off KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Marine Biology 160: 1543-1561

Wasserman RJ Froneman PW (2013) Risk effects of copepods: preliminary experimental evidence for the suppression of clutch size by predatory early life-history fish. Journal of Plankton Research 35: 421-426.

 Treasure AM, Moloney CL et al. (2013) South African research in the Southern Ocean: new opportunities but serious challenges. South African Journal of Science 109: 4pp

Daly R, Froneman PW, Smale MJ (2013) Comparative feeding ecology of Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in the coastal waters of the Southwestern Indian Ocean inferred from stable isotope analysis. PLOS-One 8:e78229.

Wasserman RJ, Noyon M, Avery TS, Froneman PW (2013). Trophic level stability-inducing effects of predaceous early juvenile fish in an estuarine mesocosm study. PLOS-One 8:e61019.

Allan EL, Froneman PW, Dugadoo JV, McQuaid CD, Ansorge IJ, Richoux NB. (2013) Critical indirect effects of climate change on sub-Antarctic ecosystem functioning. Ecology and Evolution doi:10.1002/ece3.678.

Howell DH, Woodford DJ, Weyl OLF, Froneman PW (2013). Population dynamics of the invasive fish, Gambusia affinis, in irrigation impoundments in the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape. South Africa. Water SA 39: 485-493

Wasserman RJ Kramer R, Vink TJ, Froneman PW (2014) Conspecific alarm cue sensitivity by the estuarine calanoid copepod, Paracartia longipatella. Austral Ecology 39: 732-738.

Noyon M, Froneman PW (2014) The diet of the calanoid copepod, Pseudodiaptomus hessei, in a permanently open southern African estuary inferred from fatty acid analyses. Journal of Plankton Research 36: 1153-1158.

Richoux NB, Vermeulen I, Froneman PW (2014) Fatty acid profiles reveal temporal and spatial differentiation in diets within and among rocky shore suspension-feeders. Marine Ecology Progress Series 495: 143-160.

Richoux NB, Vermeulen I, Froneman PW (2014) Stable isotope ratios indicate differential omnivory among syntopic rocky shore suspension-feeders. Marine Biology 161: 971-984.

Wasserman RJ, Vink TJF, Kramer R, Froneman PW. (2014). Hyperbenthic and pelagic predators regulate alternate key planktonic predators in shallow temperate estuaries. Marine and Freshwater Research 65: 791-801.

Dalu T, Richoux NB, Froneman PW (2014). Phytoplankton diversity along a river-estuary continuum. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa doi.org/10.1080/003519X.2014.930074.

Dalu T, Froneman PW, Chari LD, Richoux NB (2014). Colonization and community structure of benthic diatoms on artificial substrates following a major flood event: a case of the Kowie River (Eastern Cape, South Africa). Water SA 40(3): 471-479.

Dalu T, Richoux NB, Froneman PW (2014). Using multivariate analysis and stable isotopes to assess the effects of substrate type on phytobenthos communities. Inland Waters 4, 397-412.

Daly R, Smale MJ, Cowley PD, Froneman PW (2014). Residency patterns and migration dynamics of adult bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) on the east coast of southern Africa. Plos One 9(10), e109357.

Wasserman RJ, Matcher GF, Vink TJF, Froneman PW (2014) Preliminary evidence for the organization of a bacterial community by zooplanktivores at the top of an estuarine planktonic food we. Microbial Ecology DOI 10.1007/s00248-014-0505-3.

Nyalungu NP, Hodgson AN, Froneman PW, Dopolo M, Masubelele M (2014). Temporal and spatial variability in the abundance, biomass and distribution of Palaemon peringueyi (Decapoda: Crustacea) are influences by biological but not physic-chemical factors in the permanently open Kariega Estuary, South Africa. African Journal of Aquatic Science doi/10. 2989/16085914.2014.960792

Dalu, T, Froneman PW (2014).  Can δ15N and δ13C stable isotopes and fatty acid signatures indicate changes in phytobenthos composition on an artificial substrate? African Journal of Aquatic Science doi/10.2989/16085914.2014.974018

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