All international students (those who are not South African citizens or who do not have permanent residence in South Africa) are required to have a valid study permit prior to being permitted to register at Rhodes University.

Applications for study permits should be made at your nearest South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission, usually in your home country. A study permit is usually granted for the period of the degree programme for which you are registering at a specific institution. Should you change degree or institution, your study visa will need to be amended accordingly by the Department of Home Affairs. Students are responsible for maintaining the validity of their permits at all times.

Please do not proceed to Rhodes University without a valid study permit.

The following documentation will be required in support of your study visa application:

− an official letter of provisional acceptance from the university

− medical and radiological reports

− relevant certificate (if married, divorced, widowed or separated)

− proof of valid medical insurance recognized in South Africa

− details regarding accommodation

− proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses and miscellaneous costs

− a police clearance certificate (less than 6 months old)

− a repatriation deposit


In addition you will be charged an application fee. Please note that processing time for study visa applications can be six to eight weeks and your passport will be retained by the South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission for the duration of the application period.

Last Modified: Thu, 05 Mar 2020 12:07:55 SAST