1. ...YourMoves - a game of love and life
  2. University Policies (including policies on , Environment, Evaluation of Teaching and Courses, Harassment, HIV infection and AIDS, IT Facilities, Language, Plagiarism Policy, Post-Graduate Liaison Sub-Committee, SRC Constitution and Societies Policy, and the University Vision & Mission Statement, .
  3. Information Pamphlet on Alcohol
  4. Date-rape drugs explained and demystified
  5. Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
  6. Rape and Racism Info Sheet
  7. Rape as a Men's issue
  8. Supporting Survivors
  9. What Men can do
  10. Try the following links if you're feeling the pressure:
    1. Stress Busting
    2. Exam Counselling
    3. Support 4 Learning
    If things are really bad, try the SRC Counselling Service (Room B22, upstairs at Kaif, near RMR and the SRC Offices). They're open every morning or by appointment at other times - contact them on 046 603 8090. The Counselling Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.00-12.45 and 2.00-5.00pm. If your need is not urgent you will probably have to make an appointment, but URGENT matters will be dealt with at once, at all hours. You will find the Counselling Centre at 16b Prince Alfred Street. You can contact the counsellor, on telephone 046 603 8855 (W) or 082 803 0177 (after hours), or on e-mail (
  11. Details for the Sanatorium
  12. Virtual Pamphlet Collections (in USA) (in the UK)

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