An international student's perspective...

We asked one of our international exchange students, Daniel Cohen, to comment on his stay in the Hall thus far. Daniel is an exchange student from the United Kingdom and is on exchange with us for one year.

"Upon arrival at Rhodes University I was told that I would be staying in Salisbury House. My initial reaction was that it was small, and isolated from the rest of campus. Within days my fears had been allayed. The house itself, and the hall in general, have been extremely welcoming, creating a close community. Whilst it may seem to be isolated from the rest of Rhodes University, its position close to the facilities of Eden Grove mean that it is far from that.

The facilities within Allan Webb Hall are second to none on campus, and the Swimming Pool behind Winchester House makes a welcome destination after a hard fought victory in the inter-residence football tournament. The hall pub, the Nun&Bishop, and the individual house pub, the Moll, have a friendly atmosphere and, although only open on weekends, provide a good environment to socialise with fellow members of the hall.

My experience in Salisbury House, and Allan Webb Hall, has been enjoyable. Above all, there is a friendly environment in a close-knit community, and ample opportunity to socialise with fellow Hall residents. That close-knit environment is no better illustrated by the annual Allan Webb Adventure, the organisation and running of which involves many members of the hall. The ample sports facilities make a welcome alternative to a night at the hall bars. Allan Webb Hall has far more to offer its residents than most halls on campus, and certainly exceeds what I have experienced in residences in England.

Of course there are some areas of Allan Webb life that are less enjoyable. Like all universities, the food could be better, although Rhodes residences offer a wide selection of diet, and once the meal booking system is mastered, a reasonable meal will be served. Coming from studying in England, I found the discipline structure of Residence life unusual, and certainly more organised than at home, where students are left largely to their own devices. The Rhodes University alcohol policy also restricts what the hall bars can sell; a limitation that would never be accepted in any university in the U.K.! But after adapting to the South African variant of beer (it really isn’t that bad – far better than American ‘Lager’!) I have settled into residence life very easily, and have been welcomed as a full member of the house.

I would recommend Salisbury House, and the Hall in general, to any International student, who would be welcomed with open arms by all."

For more information about international students at Rhodes, please visit the University's International Office.

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