Staff of the Hall

The current Staff are the newest Custodians of our Hall.


Hall Warden and Salisbury Warden

Emmanuel Mgqwashu - Salisbury House Warden and Allan Webb Hall Warden

Emmanuel Mgqwashu
 has been warden of Salisbury House and a Hall Warden at Allan Webb since January 2016.
He is a Professor of English Language Teaching and Literacy Development at Rhodes University.
Emmanuel serves on the Allan Webb Hall Committee and the Salisbury House Committee.

If you would like to contact Emmanuel, please e-mail him at: e (dot) mgqwashu (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za


Ferdi Botha - Winchester House Warden

Ferdi Botha has been warden of Winchester House since January 2014. Ferdi is currently a lecturer in the Department of
Economics at Rhodes University. He serves on the Allan Webb Hall Committee and the Winchester House Committee.

If you would like to contact Ferdi, please e-mail him at: f (dot) botha (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za

Judy Seymour - Canterbury House Warden

Judy Seymour is the warden of Canterbury House and started in 2009. Judy works in the
Management Division of Rhodes University. Judy serves on the Allan Webb Hall Committee and the Canterbury House Committee.

If you would like to contact Judy, please e-mail her at: j (dot) seymour (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za

Phumza Gesha - Canterbury Annexe House Warden

Phumza Gesha is the warden of Canterbury Annexe House as of January 2013. She works at Kingswood
College in the Marketing and Communications department.

Phumza serves on the Allan Webb Hall Committee and Canterbury Annexe House Committee.

If you would like to contact Phumza, please e-mail her at: p.gesha (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za


Susan Kunju - Truro House Warden

Susan Kunju has been warden of Truro House since the fourth term of 2014.

Susan Kunju is married with three children She graduated from Rhodes University in 2010 with a BMus degree and RULS Teaching
Diploma. She majored in Ethnomusicology and Chamber Music, studying violin and viola with Juan Munoz. Susan has earned
distinctions for her Grade 8 ABRSM exams in violin, viola, and piano.  She has taught Music at Springvale House in Zimbabwe and
is currently a full-time music teacher at Victoria Primary School in Grahamstown, where she has started a very enthusiastic and
fast-growing string ensemble.
She serves on the Alan Webb Hall Committee and the Truro House Commitee.

If you would like to contact Susan, please e-mail her at: s (dot) kunju (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za

Hall Fellows

Sarah Radloff

Prof Sarah Radloff has been Fellow of Allan Webb Hall since 2006. Sarah did her B.Sc(Hons), her M.Sc and her Ph.D at Rhodes University. She is currently Head of the Department of Statistics and Consultant statistician for the Biopharmaceutics Research Institute at Rhodes University.

Rose Buchner

Sr. Rosemary Büchner has been Fellow of Allan Webb Hall since 2003. Rose was previously the Sister in charge of the Sanatorium at Rhodes University before retiring and working with the Sisters of the Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Grahamstown - the same sisters that used to live in Allan Webb Hall before the University acquired the property. She now works for a Doctors Practice in town.

Leigh-Anne Moffatt: Hall Administrator

Leigh-Anne Moffatt started working as Hall Administrator at Allan Webb Hall in September 2011. Prior to this, she worked for the Raphael Centre in Grahamstown.

If you would like to contact Leigh-Anne, please e-mail her at: l (dot) moffatt (at) ru (dot) ac (dot) za


Denise Daniels

Denise Daniels,  joined Allan Webb Hall in 2013. She is responsible for efficiently managing the housekeeping team that keeps Allan Webb in tip top shape.

Caterers and Kitchen Staff


We are grateful to the Caterers and Kitchen Staff from the University's Catering Services for the food that they prepare for us.

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