Ms Shabnam Shaik



Shabnam Shaik is a PhD candidate in the field of Medical Anthropology. Ms Shaik received her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and training at the University of KwaZulu-Natal - Howard College Campus. Her current research focuses on understanding the experiences of Muslims living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Durban, South Africa. Past research has interrogated the emergent identities of survivor and activist in women diagnosed with breast cancer, 

parents of children with autism, and the shifting liminality of educators of children with autism. Ms Shaik has a strong interest in exploring the interaction of alternative medicines with western biomedicine, mental health issues, visible and invisible disabilities and labour.



Bachelor of Social Science Psychology (Industrial and General Psychology)

Bachelor of Social Science General (Anthropology and Industrial, Organisational Labour Studies)

Bachelor of Social Science Honours Anthropology (cum laude)

Master of Social Science Anthropology (Medical Anthropology – cum laude)


Shaik, S. (2017) HIV/AIDS and Muslims in South Africa: The ‘Untouchable’ Disease. In, Alternation, 24 (1), 314 – 335.

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