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Prof Chris De Wet

Chris was trained at Stellenbosch, Oxford and Rhodes Universities. His PhD research was on the socio-economic impacts of resettlement arising out of a government development programme in a rural settlement in what was then the homeland/Bantustan of Ciskei. His subsequent research and consultancy work  in development and resettlement issues has seen him involved  more widely in southern Africa, and India, as well as in international resettlement policy issues.He taught in the Department of Anthropology from 1978 to 2013. He is currently a researcher with the Institute of Water Research at Rhodes University, and is affiliated to the Department of Anthropology, where he supervises thesis students, and participates in departmental activities.

Contact Details

Name:  Prof Chris de Wet, Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University

Phone: +27 (0) 46 603-8334/8532

Email: c.dewet@ru.ac.za


BA (Anthropology, Latin, Political Philosophy) – University of Stellenbosch

BA Honours (Political Philosophy) – University of Stellenbosch

MA (Anthropology) – University of Stellenbosch

Post-graduate Diploma in Social Anthropology – Oxford University, UK

PhD (Anthropology) – Rhodes University

Research Interests

Rural Development; Human Displacement; Refugees; Resettlement; Water resources and impact of dam-building; Land Restitution in South Africa; Development Ethics.


  • Rural ‘community’ studies, social change
  • Rural development, land issues
  • Development-initiated group resettlement
  • Development ethics
  • Integrated development
  • Integrated water resources management

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