Nasser Kasozi

For his PhD research at Rhodes University, Nasser Kasozi is currently focussing on the effect of probiotics in aquaponic systems. As part of his PhD research under the supervision of Dr. B. Wilhelmi and Prof. H. Kaiser, Nasser has successfully described the diversity of bacterial communities in different zones of a flood-and-drain media bed aquaponics system. The results from this research provide a strong basis for understanding the functions of different bacteria in order to ensure proper plant growth and health of fish.  Additionally, he has also evaluated effect of adding Bacillus as a probiotic on water quality, plant growth, fish growth, fish digestive enzyme activity and bacterial diversity in aquaponic systems.

In his home country of Uganda, Nasser is a research officer working with the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO). The research techniques attained from Rhodes University will be transferable to NARO so that their aquaponic systems are well managed and optimised to ensure sustainable aquaponics production in Uganda.

PhD student Nasser Kasozi

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