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The Horsemen of Corporate Collapse

Date Released : 01/06/2019

A pattern of moral disengagement and displacement of responsibility paves the way for the horsemen of corporate collapse: unethical decisions, no accountability, recklessness, hubris and greed.

Business school focuses on leadership for sustainability

Date Released : 12/09/2014

Sustainability provides unparalleled opportunities for organisations; it helps them to become competitive, resilient and able to grow and create long-term value, says Rhodes Business School director

South Africa’s jobs summit failed to tackle the hard issues

Date Released : 25/10/2018

South Africa recently hosted a Jobs Summit that brought key stakeholders –government, business and labour – under one roof to find better ways of tackling the country’s stubbornly high unemployment rate.

Cosatu’s first woman president attends Rhodes Business School’s Project Management Course

Date Released : 17/10/2018

First woman president of Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), Zingiswa Losi, recently joined her colleagues in a Rhodes Business School short course on project management.

Helping hands in purple boxing gloves

Date Released : 02/10/2018

Alec Mullins Sports Hall was ablaze in a flurry of activity on the evening of 21 September for Purple Glove Promotions Fight Night.

Rhodes Business School addresses skills shortage with latest postgraduate offering

Date Released : 04/09/2018

The Rhodes Business School is now offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analysis to help solve critical skills deficits in business.

Rhodes Business School MBA programme ranked among top 2% worldwide

Date Released : 14/06/2018

The Rhodes Business School MBA programme has been given the thumbs up for another three years by the Association of MBA (AMBA), an accreditation service which currently accredits programmes from the top 2% of business schools in over 70 countries.

Applications open for popular annual Inyathelo Advancement course

Date Released : 31/05/2018

South African universities and non-profit organisations (NPOs) are under pressure to manage their fundraising opportunities and processes optimally.

The Alpha Project Bursary: for students by students

Date Released : 30/05/2018

This year will be the first year that the Alpha Project Bursary, started by Rhodes University Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management (PDEM) students, will be offered to Rhodes University Business School students.

Matthew Lester – A tribute by a friend and colleague

Date Released : 15/03/2018

Matthew Lester passed away, after a short illness, on the 12th March 2018 at the age of 56. Educated at St Johns, Rhodes University and Wits University, he was one of South Africa’s foremost tax experts.

Rhodes University’s Tax Guru, Matthew Lester, passes away.

Date Released : 12/03/2018

Rhodes University has learned with deep shock and sadness about the passing on today of Professor Matthew Lester after a short illness.

Rhodes University MBA student, African winner of prestigious six-continent scholarship

Date Released : 19/10/2017

Rhodes University Business School MBA student, Godfrey Nyamande, has been awarded the Association of MBAs 50th anniversary scholarship, the only award of its kind for the whole of the African continent.

‘SA not outraged enough about gender violence’ - Machel

Date Released : 06/10/2017

Humanitarian and activist Graça Machel lashed out at the lack of collective outrage by South Africans about the rapidly escalating brutalisation of women and children by men.

Social upliftment: teaching the teachers

Date Released : 28/09/2017

For a city that is home to a respected university and some of SA’s leading private schools, Grahamstown’s educational challenges are conspicuous.

App allows Rhodes Communiversity to teach communities for free

Date Released : 18/08/2017

Could free lectures on their phones inspire young people to start businesses, grow the economy and employ more people?

Rhodes Business School launches TV Channel for business empowerment

Date Released : 17/08/2017

In a ground breaking move, the Rhodes University Business School this month launched a television channel, which offers lectures in Economics I, Commercial Law, Entrepreneurship and financial planning.

Why smallholder farmer hubs help get to the roots of food security

Date Released : 01/06/2017

Spar Group and the Dutch government are building three fresh-produce points in rural areas

Statement by staff of the Faculty of Law of Rhodes University

Date Released : 25/04/2016

Sexual violence is a scourge in our society. Our University should and will be leading the discussion on how this scourge can be eliminated. We are grateful to students who have highlighted the issue. However, any discussion regarding rape and rape culture must take place in light of the rights and values enshrined in our Constitution, and with due respect for the rule of law which includes the principles of natural justice.

SA’s entrepreneur ecosystem needs sweeping overhaul

Date Released : 07/04/2017

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba is repeating the threadbare mantra of creating more jobs, boosting entrepreneurship and growing SA’s economy, which has grown just 1% a year in real per-capita terms over the past 25 years.

Experiments in living democracy

Date Released : 06/04/2017

Democracy in an era of global connectivity needs to include the associated innovations, such as ‘democracy software’ developed to include more people in decision-making, whether in politics, organisations, businesses or the corporate environment.

How governance failures messed up SA’s passenger rail agency

Date Released : 15/03/2017

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa is going through serious turbulence that’s symptomatic of broad corporate governance failures within the country’s state owned enterprises.

Amid this crisis, we are not statues

Date Released : 01/03/2017

A flock of political leaders is playing pigeon chess across the world. In pigeon chess, the pigeon knocks over all the chess pieces, deposits its droppings on the board and struts around proclaiming victory.

Tax deductible donations to universities-Yes or No?

Date Released : 13/02/2017

In February every year every university Vice-Chancellor writes to the alumni and friends of the university requesting donations.

Ford South Africa reacted badly in a crisis: it doesn’t have to be that way

Date Released : 31/01/2017

In December 2015, Reshall Jimmy burnt to death in his 1.6-litre EcoBoost Ford Kuga in South Africa. Since then a recorded 51 Kugas have caught alight across the country, and two more in Swaziland and Botswana.

King code not beneath any captain’s notice

Date Released : 31/01/2017

Remgro chairman Johann Rupert’s off the mark on the King code recommendations — it was not developed to create nonsense or unnecessary burdens for business.


Date Released : 10/11/2016

Bursary opportunities for 2017.

Motlanthe calls on SA to hold leaders ‘accountable’

Date Released : 13/09/2016

Former state president Kgalema Motlanthe has said the only way to address ruling party “arrogance and deceit” is to hold leaders accountable.

A global business school of excellence for and of Africa, with a heart for the surrounding Grahamstown Community

Date Released : 05/09/2016

On Saturday, 27th August 2016 Rhodes Business School launched the very successful and well received Biz Community Workshop, the first of a series of community workshops.

Leaders and Misleaders

Date Released : 14/07/2016

Leaders and Misleaders – what a fine distinction to make, as Andre van Heerden has done in his book Leaders and Misleaders; The art of leading like you mean it.

THE POINT: Municipalities fail quality of life test

Date Released : 13/07/2016

Michael Green, CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, has developed and advanced the Social Progress Index as a measure of how well countries perform, not solely in terms of GDP per capita, but also in social and environmental indicators.

THE POINT: Fossil find a cue to play to country’s strengths

Date Released : 22/06/2016

An astonishing fossil find from 360-million years ago was made in June during road construction on the N2 highway near the Eastern Cape’s Grahamstown.

THE POINT: Literature is eloquent on leadership

Date Released : 08/06/2016

Too often, I hear that the humanities are unimportant, that there are too many humanities graduates and not enough graduates in disciplines such as engineering.

THE POINT: New student body grows entrepreneurship

Date Released : 25/05/2016

Earlier this month, I received an e-mail from a young graduate, Jabulane Tshabalala (25), who lives in Johannesburg, works for CIPAL Telecoms, and is furthering his studies.

SA should study how Australia exports degrees

Date Released : 11/05/2016

I wonder what Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe thinks about late at night.

THE POINT: Never underestimate power of putting in the hard yards

Date Released : 13/04/2016

Pinned to the wall in my office are two quotes: “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking,” by Voltaire;

#feesmustfall: A humanitarian crisis at SA’s universities on the leap year!

Date Released : 29/02/2016

Please take a few minutes to see how we have stuffed up higher education funding

THE POINT: People need to embrace power of knowledge

Date Released : 30/03/2016

Despite freedom of information legislation, despite leaks and the difficulty today’s governments face in keeping things secret — despite all these and more — the actual operations of those who hold power may well be growing more, not less, opaque.

THE POINT: Lean start-ups will excite SA’s young people

Date Released : 17/03/2016

LUMKA Mphande (27) from Tembisa is a call centre supervisor who started his own business, Bumka Scooter Rental.

Matthew Lester: Treasury reloads offshore amnesty – not legally binding

Date Released : 04/03/2016

Many tax commentators were surprised at the national budget speech announcement that there will be another offshore amnesty starting on 1 October 2016

THE POINT: New performance gauges key in cutting pay gap

Date Released : 02/03/2016

THINK of a gathering of 900,000 people — the annual population increase in SA, based on the 1.65% growth rate of the population of 55-million, according to Statistics SA’s mid-2015 figures.

THE POINT: Creating win-win solutions for businesses

Date Released : 02/03/2016

THIS is a real-life business dilemma faced by the CEO of a brick factory in the Eastern Cape.

Matthew Lester: The University crisis – Students turned street children

Date Released : 01/03/2016

Fellow graduates and the business community of South Africa, I appeal for your support in getting behind a humanitarian crisis that is fast developing at our universities.

Matthew Lester: Sugar tax not so sweet. Answer lies in VAT.

Date Released : 01/03/2016

I can walk my dogs through a field full of mielies and they won’t pinch even one.

Matthew Lester: Budget Bets – VAT a last resort

Date Released : 17/02/2016

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will give what is most likely his toughest budget ever next week

The cushy life of a CA. A steal at R10 a day, make it R20.

Date Released : 05/02/2016

This is Matthew Lester at his best, he’s questioning the R10 a day he pays to be a Chartered Accountant.

THE POINT: Let's start with prioritising quality education

Date Released : 03/02/2016

By Prof. Owen Skae WE WENT to Davos to see the wonderful wizards of wealth: a guild of the rich and powerful who pledge to increase justice and end poverty, but who find it perfectly on form that the world’s 62 richest billionaires — many of whom were represented at Davos — have as much wealth as 3.6-billion people today.

Matthew Lester: SA on brink, hopes pinned on Gordhan

Date Released : 01/02/2016

Few economists will question the wisdom of the Reserve Bank's 50 basis point increase announced on Thursday 28 January 2016. The increase came as no surprise.

Matthew Lester: Enough with bureaucracy. Let’s go fishing.

Date Released : 26/01/2016

The definition of a privileged South Africans should be ‘those who don’t have to kneel and beg in front of a bank manager or loan shark every January.’

Matthew Lester on #FeesMustFall: Don’t give it to the rich

Date Released : 25/01/2016

The 2015 student protests brought a victory for all, the waiving of any increases in fees. The shortfall is to be picked up by government and universities’

Matthew Lester: Nene’s last stand – preservation. Will Gordhan revisit?

Date Released : 25/01/2016

As the current tax year comes to an end and new legislation looks set to kick in, Matthew Lester is sinking his teeth into the countless issues on the go.

Inspiring the leaders of Tomorrow

Date Released : 21/07/2015

Rhodes University Business School welcomed Gregory Mills, Head of Brenthurst Organisation and Jeffery Herbst, an American Political Scientist to launch their new book, How South Africa Works.

Greece is paying the price of excess spending

Date Released : 06/07/2015

WHICHEVER way it voted on Sunday, Greece will still be faced with economic pain as the financially embattled country tries to adjust its domestic spending in line with what it can afford.

Murky nuclear plan no light at end of tunnel

Date Released : 22/06/2015

THE government is committed to building 9.6 gigawatts (GW) of nuclear power plants, but no one has any real idea how much this will cost

SA is creating jobs that lock out workers forever

Date Released : 08/06/2015

Rhodes University staff member in the Economics department, Professor Gavin Keeton, discusses how South Africa needs to expand its job market to account for the number of unskilled workers in the country.

Post office, Telkom, Eskom becoming obsolete

Date Released : 25/05/2015

TWENTY years ago, it was unthinkable that SA could manage without efficient service from the post office, Telkom and Eskom.

Rhodes Business School lands Amba accreditation for MBA degree

Date Released : 13/03/2015

RHODES Business School has become the sixth South African school to have its Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree

Joining the 2% of accredited business schools worldwide

Date Released : 13/03/2015

Rhodes Business School is proud to announce the accreditation of its MBA provision

Internationally renowned Dr Millard Arnold appointed to head South African Business Schools Association (SABSA)

Date Released : 06/03/2015

Demand for internationally relevant management and leadership education in South Africa has resulted in the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA) appointing internationally renowned Dr Millard Arnold as its first permanent executive director.

From hugging trees to wow factor

Date Released : 25/02/2015

When Dr Chuka Onaga took over the Clinical services of Settlers Hospital in Grahamstown in August 2013 as Acting Chief Medical Officer, the hospital (a Private Public Partnership) was seeking to fill several vacancies for doctors.

Countdown to Nene’s National Numbers

Date Released : 17/02/2015

10 years ago a ticket to attend the National Budget speech was more socially prized than a ticket to the J&B Met horse race.

Developing high-growth entrepreneurs in SA

Date Released : 10/12/2014

“The best way to grow economies and create jobs is to support and develop high-growth entrepreneurial businesses,” says Catherine Townshend, the CEO of Endeavor South Africa and a Rhodes Business School graduate.

Rhodes Business School’s MBA a ‘Wow Factor’

Date Released : 10/12/2014

When Dr Chuka Onaga took over the Clinical services of Settlers Hospital in Grahamstown in August 2013 as Acting Chief Medical Officer, the hospital (a public-private institution) was seeking to fill several vacancies for doctors.

Matthew Lester: How f***ed are the poor in RSA?

Date Released : 19/11/2014

Sorry to ABIL’s ex director Tami Sokutu, I just cannot leave this theme alone.

Matthew Lester: The thing that keeps me awake at night

Date Released : 13/11/2014

It must be damn tough to be South Africa’s minister of finance. Personally I would rather gut fish.

Matthew Lester: Will stamping out tax evasion solve the world’s tax problems?

Date Released : 11/11/2014

A director of a listed company, exhausted by multiple SARS audits, recently complained to me that big companies are overly targeted by SARS. So here is an explanation.

Management education key to economic growth

Date Released : 10/11/2014

THE WORLD Economic Forum’s latest global competitive index ranks South Africa’s business schools as 24th in the world.

Corruption the scourge of democracy, Archbishop says.

Date Released : 29/10/2014

Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Magkoba was in Grahamstown Tuesday 28 October to officially hand over a donation to Rhodes Business School, which his trust has selected to host an annual lecture on values based leadership.

Rhodes Business School addresses critical skills shortage.

Date Released : 05/11/2014

Much needed and critical skills in South Africa are being addressed through Rhodes Business School’s Certificate in Sustainable Business Analysis.

Rapid growth only real option to fight inequality

Date Released : 10/11/2014

A RECENT World Bank Report highlights the effectiveness of SA’s fiscal policies in reducing inequality and poverty.

Archbishop donates to Rhodes lecture

Date Released : 29/10/2014

Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Magkoba was in Grahamstown Tuesday 28 October to officially hand over a donation to Rhodes Business School, which his trust has selected to host an annual lecture on values based leadership.

Matthew Lester: My assessment of the 2014 Mini-Budget

Date Released : 22/10/2014

New Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene this afternoon delivered his first major speech to Parliament in his new role.

Matthew Lester: Preview of the maxi Important Mini Budget (video)

Date Released : 22/10/2014

This year’s Mini Budget, to be presented to Parliament tomorrow.

Matthew Lester: Tax alert – big news coming in next week’s Mini Budget

Date Released : 15/10/2014

Some say the news event of October will again be Oscar Pistorius.

Matthew Lester: Investing local is still lekker

Date Released : 08/10/2014

There are many disturbing images of our beautiful country.

Matthew Lester: Dear Mark Shuttleworth – how about hip2b@school?

Date Released : 06/10/2014

Dear Mark Shuttleworth,

Who's Heritage Day is it anyway?

Date Released : 26/09/2014

It is not difficult to come to the conclusion that we are steeped in a deep heritage of assassinating each other WEDNESDAY, September 24, was Heritage Day.

Matthew Lester: Rising food prices, a spark that ignites unrest

Date Released : 29/09/2014

“Cry havoc – and let loose the Dogs of War.” Frederick Forsyth didn’t pen the line.

Matthew Lester: Goodbye Great SA Summer Holiday – and coastal fun spots

Date Released : 25/09/2014

Matthew Lester has a light pen. And a way of teaching us about his speciality – tax – by working lessons through seemingly unrelated stories.

Matthew Lester: Whose Heritage Day is it anyway?

Date Released : 22/09/2014

Wednesday 24 September is Heritage Day. It is a pity that our country, so rich in heritage, seems to have reduced this important day to a bring-and-braai pissup.

Matthew Lester: Bravo Tim Noakes – stuff those empty suits and their dusty tomes

Date Released : 17/09/2014

My favorite book ever, even beyond JD Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye’, is Apsley Cherie-Garrard’s ‘the worst journey in the world.

Matthew Lester: Judge Masipa got Oscar judgement spot on. Here’s why.

Date Released : 15/09/2014

For the past two years even the National Budget Speech has been chased out of the media spotlight by Oscar Pistorius.

The rise of green economy

Date Released : 16/09/2014

Outlining the various ways in which corporate South Africa has engaged the emerging green global economy

Matthew Lester on Hansie’s legacy – Conferences, goodie bags and the taxman

Date Released : 08/09/2014

When I started off on the lecture circuit, the venues were confined to school or town halls.

Rhodes Business School course tackles skills shortage

Date Released : 01/09/2014

The Rhodes University Business School is addressing critical skills shortages in business with a six-month programme in business analysis that is educating South Africans to take up positions formerly filled by foreign nationals, university communications officer Zamuxolo Matiwana said in a press statement.

Judge Davis calls for nuanced debate on tax

Date Released : 05/09/2014

Calling for a more nuanced debate about the role of tax in the South African economy and broader society

Rhodes Business School course tackles skills shortage

Date Released : 01/09/2014

The Rhodes University Business School is addressing critical skills shortages in business with a six-month programme in business analysis that is educating South Africans to take up positions formerly filled by foreign nationals, university communications officer Zamuxolo Matiwana said in a press statement.

SA’s mining address no longer in a prime area

Date Released : 01/09/2014

THE president of the Chamber of Mines describes South Africa as "the world’s best mining address".

Matthew Lester: Confession of an Eastern Cape coke addict

Date Released : 22/08/2014

The Eastern Cape pays less than 8% of South Africa’s personal tax.

Personal collections – what is their true investment potential?

Date Released : 22/08/2014

Some years ago I received a Mandela gold coin as a long-service award.

Skills shortage addressed as 400 analysts trained

Date Released : 22/08/2014

TWO years after the Rhodes University Business School and Standard Bank partnered to offer a programme to address business analyst skill shortages in South Africa, 400 have graduated.

O&A with Stella Khumalo

Date Released : 22/08/2014

THE newly appointed chief executive officer of uShaka Marine World, Stella Khumalo, is taking the helm of one of Durban's most important tourism assets at a critical point in its history its 10-year anniversary which is a celebration of what it has achieved so far and a launching point for accomplishing even more.

If users are to pay, they must also have a say on big projects

Date Released : 18/08/2014

THE recent decision by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) to grant Eskom an additional tariff hike next year to compensate

Matthew Lester: Lifelong learning – part-time MBA with tax benefits

Date Released : 31/07/2014

It is now five years since the depths of the global credit crunch. The rot may have been checked but world prosperity seems to still be a long way off.

Agric land switched to game farming coming back to bite SA

Date Released : 29/07/2014

There is not much fun to be had when attending farmers’ days anymore.

Matthew Lester: Agric land switched to game farming coming back to bite SA

Date Released : 29/07/2014

There is not much fun to be had when attending farmers’ days anymore. For years these functions used to be all about the droughts, floods or pests, lousy market prices and increasing fuel prices. We could generally drink out a solution.

Rate hike shows policy makers’ predicament

Date Released : 21/07/2014

The decision by the Reserve Bank’s monetary policy committee to increase interest rates by just 0.25%, rather than the 0.5% increments it has used in the past

Sleeping through a revolution

Date Released : 18/07/2014

Martin Luther King Junior eloquently adapted the story in the context of America sleeping through the rise of the black consciousness movement.

Mining pay should reflect rise and fall of profits

Date Released : 07/07/2014

THE five-month platinum strike is thankfully at an end. Producers and workers must now focus on recovering as best they can.

Hosting mega-events not as valuable as thought

Date Released : 23/06/2014

THE run-up to this year’s Fifa World Cup in Brazil was marred by widespread popular protests. Underlying these demonstrations are numerous social

Matthew Lester: Financial Planning for young graduates. Don’t stuff up like Dad.

Date Released : 19/06/2014

Most financial planning campaigns are directed at the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation (born between 1945 and 1963) and Generation X (born between 1964 and 1980).

Outlook for mining is about the future of jobs

Date Released : 09/06/2014

THE platinum strike is in its fifth month. We learned last week that it has already caused a 0.6% annualised contraction of SA’s gross domestic product

Zuma won't finish second term, predicts analyst

Date Released : 14/05/2014

A respected South African political analyst has predicted President Jacob Zuma's second term of office would be mired by succession battles

Sustainability on the business agenda

Date Released : 11/02/2014

FEBRUARY 5, 2014: IT’S not just environmentalists that have elevated sustainability to the top of the agenda, but business and recently business studies in higher education, which has woven the topic through its high-level post-graduate courses to ensure that commerce is cognisant of a ‘triple context’.

Income tax unlikely to go up in an election year

Date Released : 13/01/2014

Speculation over the surprises in store for taxpayers in the national budget speech, (27 February) is already starting. Some say this is an election year and not much will happen.

Investors need more than what's on offer

Date Released : 03/12/2013

THERE is a new tax package on the way for special economic zones to replace the old industrial

TAX TALK: Put the fringe benefits to use for low earners

Date Released : 11/11/2013

MY dad served 34 years at the Johannesburg branch of the reformatory school for boys in Tokai.

TAX TALK: Gordhan saved country from junk status

Date Released : 29/10/2013

Working with the recently released 2013 SARS tax statistics is a pleasure. They give true meaning to transparency in the budgetary process.