Investec Navigate Vacation Programme

What is Navigate?

Investec Navigate is a grad vac work experience programme for university students in various disciplines. This intense four-day programme gives students in their final year of study, an opportunity to experience the "real world". They are given a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial and innovative thinking potential through a series of action-based learning projects that immerse them in the Investec culture of spirited individuality, competitive streak and collaborative meritocracy.

By the end of the programme, students are expected to have stretched themselves well enough to get a clearer picture of how to convert their talents and potential into successful careers in future.

Our perfect match

  • Students in their final year, studying towards a degree
  • Self-starters and entrepreneurial individuals with a mission to live Out of the Ordinary.

To apply for Investec Navigate Vacation Programme, please access the following link

Source:  Investec

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