All stooging enquiries can be directed to the stooge coordinator directly at the school you are interested in stooging at.

The schools have varying closing dates for applications. Please consult the school directly for the closing date

Please submit your application and covering letter directly to the stooge co-ordinator of the school you are applying for.

Stooge Coordinators at the various schools


Contact person: Mr Dave Wright -Deputy Head Master

046 603 4300

Graeme College

Contact person: Mr Peter Reed - Headmaster

046 622 7227

Kingswood College

Contact person: Zweli Mbenyana

St Andrews College

Contact person: Gunther Marx -Vice Principal- Student Affairs

046 603 2361

Victoria Girls High School

Contact person: Mrs Mitchell - Hostel Superintendent

046 636 1613

Victoria Girls Primary School

Contact person: Mrs Colette Kaiser- Principal

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