Rhodes University Top 100


The annual Rhodes University Top 100 awards are prestigious awards made to current Rhodes students in recognition and endorsement of their achievements across a range of categories. The aim of these awards is to honour and recognise significant achievements and to encourage students to aim for excellence in all that they do. It is hoped that in receiving these awards, students will undertake to mentor and network with fellow students and new graduates wherever they should find themselves in the future – whether in South Africa or elsewhere in the world. Awards are in the form of a certificate signed by the University. The award winners will be featured in a special publication and the awards are presented at a formal dinner (by invitation only) to be held on 06 October 2022

Students or University staff members may encourage students to apply for these awards. 

Each award is based on the information supplied by the applicant.

The 7 categories of the Rhodes University Top 100 Awards are as follows:

  1.      Student Leadership Award
  2.      General Excellence Award
  3.      Arts, Culture, Media and Society Award
  4.      Sports Award
  5.      Community Engagement Award
  6.      Academic Excellence Award (no application required)
  7.      Health and Wellness Award
  8.      Ubuntu Award

A panel of judges for each Award is convened for the purposes of judging applicants in each category. The final decision rests with this panel. Two awards, The Student Leadership and General Excellence Award are allocated points using specific scoring rubrics whilst the remaining awards are judged qualitatively based on the information supplied in the application.  Unsuccessful applicants can request feedback from the Career Centre.

Criteria for Nominations and Applications

All students applying for an award under all categories MUST fulfil the following basic criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a registered student of Rhodes University for the year.
  2. All DP requirements for the academic year and the previous year must have been met – i.e. DP has not been removed for that year or the previous year. An applicant may not have failed more than one semester credit in the current year. (Please note this will be checked for every applicant)
  3. All applications must be accompanied by an academic transcript. Any failure recorded on the transcript for any credit  - including a semester credit will be noted by the panel. These failures are considered in evaluating whether the applicant is considered as having a solid academic record or not.
  4. An applicant may not normally have a disciplinary record that resulted in a fine of more than six hours compulsory service. In the case of higher sanctions, students may put a case forward for consideration. Sanctions “expire” after 2 years. For example, if a student received compulsory service hours exceeding 6 hours in their first year and are now in their third year, they may be eligible for an award. Please note – it is vital that you declare any disciplinary record regardless of how small it was or when it was. This permits the panel to make a decision regarding the suitability of your application for the awards.
  5. An application must be accompanied by a referee report. Ask your referee to email the report to the person responsible for the category's judging panel.

Rhodes Top 100 recipients

In the case of applications for re-awards in successive years, earlier service that was credited for a previous award is disregarded.

The only exception to this rule is the Leadership Award – all past achievements while at Rhodes University may be taken into account (at the discretion of the judges)


Please ensure that you complete the relevant application form for the award for which you are applying.


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