Geography Masters candidate

Office: Room 62, Department of Geography

BSc, Geography and Environmental Science, Rhodes University (2017)
(Hons), Geography, Rhodes University (2018)

MSc thesis title: A spatiotemporal analysis of biocontrol efforts on Eichhornia crassipes at Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa

Supervisors: Ms Gillian McGregor, Prof. Martin Hill, Prof. Julie Coetzee

As a kid David had all kinds of ‘nature collections’ (rocks, skeletons, plants, etc.) and spent countless hours exploring outdoors, primarily on the KZN South Coast where he grew up on a small holding. That curiosity for the world around him has carried on into adulthood, and whilst his academic background is primarily in biogeography, he considers himself to be more of a generalist. He uses GIS and Remote Sensing to answer a variety of spatially based questions, and as most things have a spatial component, the scope for potential applications is virtually endless. Currently he's using Remote Sensing techniques to detect and map waterweeds across South Africa. He also has a keen interest philosophy and cognitive psychology, and spends his time reading books on those topics when not doing Geography. He believes that those two disciplines can give a richer understanding and appreciation into the work that scientists do.

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