Matthew Paper

Research Assistant for Aquatic Weeds Programme

Office: F11, First Floor, Life Science Building

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, Rhodes University (2016)

Matthew is a research assistant at the CBC working for the Aquatic Weeds Program. He has a background in marine biology from Rhodes University BSc (Hons), with interests in biological control. Matthew assists with all field work relating to the Aquatic Weeds Program, providing support for Masters, PhD students and researchers by running logistics and data collection. Matthew also runs host specificity tests on the Cyrtobagous salviniae (Salvinia weevil), at the Waainek Mass Rearing Facility, for the biological control of the invasive floating fern Salvinia minima. Matthew is a new member of the CBC team, having started in his position in August 2018.

Research interests
  • Floating and submerged invasive plants
  • Biological control

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