Current research

A number of students are currently completing their MSc and PhD on various aspects of the Highlands weed programme:

Lehlohonolo Donald Adams (MSc candidate)
Supervisors: Dr. Sandy Steenhuisen & Dr. Grant Martin                    
Thesis title:  The seed dispersal system and natural recruitment of invasive Pyracantha species in South African afromontane grasslands.
Research Institute: University of the Free State, Phuthaditjhaba campus

Sara Elizabeth Salgado Astuoillo (MSc candidate)
Supervisors: Dr. Grant Martin
Thesis title: Post release evaluation of Megabruchidius tonkineus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) a biological control agent for Gleditsia triacanthos L. (Fabaceae) in South Africa
Research Institute: Rhodes University, Grahamstown

Tim Westwood (MSc candidate)
Supervisors: Prof. Gavin Fraser & Dr. Grant Martin
Thesis title: The potential conflict of interest associated with the management of Rosa rubiginosa in South Africa.
Research Institute: Rhodes University, Grahamstown

Brett Mason (MSc candidate)
Supervisors: Prof. Gavin Fraser & Dr. Grant Martin
Thesis title: An examination of the conflict of interest surrounding economically utilized Rubus genus plants with potential for biocontrol in South Africa. 
Research Institute: Rhodes University, Grahamstown

Gerald Chikowore (PhD candidate)
Supervisors: Dr. Frank Chidawanyika & Dr. Grant Martin
Thesis title: Ecological impacts of Robinia pseudoacacia invasion in South Africa.
Research Institute: University of the Free State, Bloemfontein campus

Abigail Wolmarans (PhD candidate)
Supervisors: Dr. Iain Paterson & Dr. Grant Martin
Thesis title: Developing biological control agents for the management of the invasive Robinia pseudoacacia.
Research Institute: Rhodes University, Grahamstown

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