Brett Mason (MSc candidate)

An examination of the conflict of interest surrounding economically utilized Rubus genus plants with potential for biocontrol in South Africa.

Supervisors: Prof Gavin Fraser & Dr Grant Martin

Brett completed his undergraduate and Honors degree at Rhodes University in the Economics Department. He started his Masters at Rhodes University in 2018.

Project Background

The goal of the research is to establish what kind of economic precedence there is for not introducing biological control for the Rubus genus invaders in South Africa. By establishing the benefits and costs of these plants as broadly as is feasible, it is hoped to quantify what the economic impact of introducing a biological control agent would be. Of course, the study will have to focus on a number of Rubus species. At present these species are Rubus ideaobatus (Raspberry) and Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry). Industry must be consulted to establish the benefits and costs of these plants.  Earmarked industries includes: berry producers, forestry, livestock ranching, riverine based agriculture, South African Parks and any other industries that arise as a point of interest during the study.

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