Andrew Lofts Gray (Distinguished Old Rhodian Award)

Andrew Lofts Gray is awarded the Distinguished Old Rhodian Award as he is an outstanding leader in the pharmacy field both nationally and internationally and epitomizes Rhodes’ motto ‘where leaders learn’. His contribution to the pharmacy profession over the years, from its earliest beginning at Rhodes in 1978, where he completed his BPharm and MSc (Pharm) has been remarkable. With a very successful track record of teaching health care professionals and a long publication list, he is

Rev Dr Simon Gqubule (Distinguished Old Rhodian Award)

The Reverend Doctor Simon Gqubule is a well-respected and influential figure in his community, church and academic circles and at the age of 87 still plays a significant role in education. He is awarded the Distinguished Old Rhodian Award for his dedication and contribution to teaching and learning. Rev. Dr Gqubule was the first black student to receive a doctorate degree from Rhodes University in 1978 and his commitment to

Trevor Hastie (Distinguished Old Rhodian Award)

For his overwhelming contribution to statistical innovation, Trevor Hastie is awarded the Distinguished Old Rhodian Award 2015. Trevor graduated from Rhodes University with a BSc (Hons) in Statistics in 1976. During his postgraduate studies he spent time at the University of Cape Town, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the Biomath Department at

Christopher Vaughan (Distinguished Old Rhodian Award)

Christopher Leonard Vaughan, fondly known as Kit, graduated from Rhodes University with BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics in 1976. His leadership capabilities were evident in his time at Rhodes where he held numerous positions of leadership both in sporting, residence and University structures. He went on to obtain his PhD in musculoskeletal biomechanics in Iowa and was awarded a DSc (Med) in biomedical engineering from UCT.

Avinash Govindjee (Emerging Old Rhodian Award)

Professor Avinash Govindjee obtained his LLB from Rhodes in 1999. Living by his motto “work hard, play hard, and pray hard,” Professor Avinash Govindjee has seamlessly married his two passions – law and education – as Deputy Head of the Labour and Social Security Law Unit at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). Avinash is an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, and also serves the Commission for

Sikelelwa Mgabadeli (Emerging Old Rhodian Award)

Sikelelwa Mgabadeli, nicknamed Siki, graduated with a BJourn from Rhodes University in 2000. Siki is an award-winning financial journalist who keeps South Africans abreast with the latest financial statistics, indicators and money saving tips. She has worked for various broadcasters in South Africa as a reporter, producer, anchor and editor.