Old Rhodians Gauteng Chapter

The Old Rhodians Gauteng Chapter brings all Old Rhodians – young and old - in this large geographical area to socialize, network, and to participate in sporting activities together.
In the past the Old Rhodian Golf Club served as the ‘networking centre’ for the ORs in Johannesburg and surrounds. They were instrumental in planning reunions with a difference and headed the launch of the very successful Purple Thursday Gatherings, with over 150 Rhodents of all ages attending these fun evenings.
The Old Rhodians Gauteng Chapter serves to expand the OR dominance in our own Gauteng and several networking Clubs and Societies are available for everyone to enjoy the Rhodes ethos.


We aim to keep all our ORs interested in our university and the goings on of alumni in our area. We utilise the Old Rhodian network by providing a platform for Old Rhodian employers, businesses and job seekers alike to support one another. If we are anything, it is loyal to our crew and aim to make that easier for everyone. Rhodents are unique – we all have one wonderful thing in common and tend to be out of the same mould – let’s USE it and have some fun!


On the Sporting Front
Join the Cycling, Mountain Bike, Soccer or Golf Club.
Volunteers: If you would like to be a volunteer or to form more clubs such as Running, Cricket, Hockey, Touch Rugby etc. please contact Pat Rousell.
On the Social Front
The Bequest Association and Knocking on Heavens Door Group.
Annual events are planned for these two groups and If you are over 60 years of age, we would love to put you on the list of these fun ORs.
The Champion Group
For our recent Graduates who would like to network as a group and attend fun events. Joining the Old Rhodians Gauteng Chapter will ensure that you will have access to fellow Rhodents who all have the same shared bond.
All social events
Purple Thursdays, Annual OR Dinners, Luncheons and Reunions. Notifications of other events such as the Rhodes Choir visits and productions from the National Arts Festival in Johannesburg.


Register via the form and/or Email Pat Rousell at pat.rousell1@gmail.com. All money raised will be used for running costs and all surplus money at the end of each year will be donated towards the Old Rhodian Union Bursary Fund.
We would also like to see the formation of other Chapters under the umbrella in the East/West Rand and Pretoria . Please advise Pat if you would like to be involved in the Chapter, including any queries regarding advertising in their newsletter.

Old Rhodians Gauteng Chapter Registration Form