2014 CE Winners

Student Researcher of the Year 2014: ‌ Stott


Debbie is a PhD Candidate in the Education Department, focusing on Mathematics Education. Her PhD title “Learners’ Numeracy Progression and the role of mediation in the context of two afterschool mathematics clubs.” Debbie’s research points to the possibility of sustainable solutions to challenges in primary mathematics education. Since 2011 Debbie has run 5 afterschool maths clubs in local schools for grade 3 and 4 learners, including family maths events involving learners and their families in fun maths activities. Debbie has run local and national workshops encouraging and supporting educators, NGOs and other universities to set up Maths Clubs.  The materials she has developed are based on her experiences and research on maths clubs. Debbie has shared her findings in several scholarly articles, teacher’s journals and conference presentations. The findings of her research which combines both theory and practice, point to the effectiveness of after school maths clubs for providing enabling spaces for both recovery and extension of mathematical proficiency .  


Society/Club of the Year 2014: Inkwenwezi


Since its inception in 2010, Inkwenkwezi has partnered with schools and foundation phase teachers to provide literacy support programmes. With over 100 volunteers in 2014, ‌Inkwenkwezi provides paired reading  at George Dickerson, St Mary’s Primary, Samuel Ntsiko and Good Shepard. Each year, the society has grown and developed from lessons learnt in previous years, adding new dimensions to the programme to ensure that it offers the best reading support in schools. The sophisticated team structure, ensures regular communication and support within the society, which has ensured commitment from volunteers year after year. The inclusion of baseline assessments and training for volunteers, has allowed for volunteers to flourish and learn more about ECD in Grahamstown.   


Sports Club of the Year 2014: Basketball Club

In 2013, the Rhodes University Basketball Club initiated a weekly training programme with the Kuyasa Special Needs School’s Senior Boys’ Basketball team. The student lead training programme has enjoyed committed support from members of the committee, school supervisors and the society, who coach and share resources with the team. In 2014, the sports club raised funds for basketball trainers for the players.  Since the advent of the programme, three players from Kuyasa have been selected for the provincial teams in their respective age groups. The success of the senior coaching programme has lead the sports club to extend its training to include coaching of the junior teams. The bonds formed with the senior boys’ basketball team have had an immeasurable impact on the Rhodes team, who have learnt a great deal about working with young people with physical and mental disabilities as well as grown to better understand the role of sports in allowing young people opportunities to learn and grow.  


Community Partner of the Year: GADRA Education

GADRA Education is one of the leading education organizations in Grahamstown. With over 75 volunteers from Rhodes, in 2014 GADRA has embarked on several collaborations, including: physical education programs in Ntsika, Nomulelo and Khutliso Daniels, in partnership with the HKE department, collaborated with the Rhodes Education Department to design a short course for all volunteer tutors as well as a Supplementary School in January/February, a “parent education programme”, a mentoring programme as well as offering 50 bursaries to Rhodes for students. ‌GADRA’s commitment to education extends beyond the confines of the classroom, but the organization actively engages in facilitating networks of partnerships to support the improvement of education in Grahamstown.      


Hall/Residence of the Year: Guy Butler Residence

Guy Butler Residence has worked with two community programmes: Amasango Career School and the Chemistry department’s Khanya Maths and Science club. Since 2013, on Thursday afternoons, the residence runs soccer training workshops at Amasango Career School. In Second Semester, the residence partnered with the Khanya Maths and Science Club, offering tutoring every Saturday to learners from schools around Grahamstown. The residence has committed itself to building sustainable relationships with community organisations and encouraging a culture of volunteerism amongst the men in the residence. 


Student Volunteer of the Year: ‌Angel Ancha Bulunga

Angel Ancha Bulunga has been a member of the student volunteer programme since her first year at Rhodes. She has served as one of the student leaders at Home of Joy for the past two years, and in that time she has spear headed a well-planned and directed approach to academic support activities at the Home. Angel is often the first student to raise her hand to offer to assist in any given situation, including playing an instrumental role in recruitment and training of new volunteers. Angel leads by example to her fellow volunteers. Her vision for working towards a just and equitable society is never left in theory, but constantly applied to all situations. Angel applies critical thinking and genuine concern for social development in all her engagements, which prompts her to develop, critique and engage deeply with all aspects of community engagement, whether as a leader, volunteer and a citizen living in Grahamstown.  As an Alan Gray Fellow, Angel has been instrumental in the establishment of Existential Conversations with Inkululeko at Ntsika High School. Angel has taken seriously the call for young people to be part of driving the change they wish to see, leading her to propose what we hope will be the first university wide O-week community engagement drive in 2015. Thinking deeply about community engagement, Angel is working to conceptualize a means by which  first years are challenged to consider the meaning of being educated in an African institution committed to social development.  

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