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Engaged Citizen Programme (ECP)

The Engaged Citizen Programme (ECP) looks to grow social responsibility in students and holistically contribute to their learning. The programme is also a pathway to Engaged Research Postgraduate studies. We also work alongside and develop community partner organisations in our locale.

Volunteerism and volunteer activities can no longer be seen solely as extra-curricular. Volunteerism provides students with skills that are necessary to produce well-rounded graduates that are locally responsive and globally engaged citizens. Volunteering provides students with the soft skills that they need to be prepared for their work and social environments. Student skills are matched with learning opportunities in the community partner sites and community partners are key sources of knowledge to students. Suitable training and orientation are necessary so that volunteers can contribute productively to their placements. The development of community partners is also key because this ensures that partners can make effective use of the volunteers. This creates a mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationship between the partner site and the volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities range from music and outdoor education, mentoring, tutoring or homework support and even gardening.  Two accredited online short courses are offered in term 1.

  • New volunteers – Community Engagement in Higher Education: Understanding the purpose of higher education in transformation.
  • Returning volunteers: Social Responsibility: Understanding of University Social Responsibility (USR) and Student Social Responsibility (SSR)and the relationship between USR, CE and SSR.

 Term 2, 3 and 4 are dedicated to volunteering in the partner site.


How do I join the Engaged Citizen Programme?

Volunteering is open to all students, whether you are in 1st year, post-graduate, or an international student. Rhodes University students are encouraged to actively participate in the Engaged Citizen Programme, giving at least an hour per week of their time, skills and energy to make a positive difference in the Grahamstown community.


1) Application and Registration

All students interested in volunteering are required to complete this application form. Applications close on 24 February 2022.

2) Allocation

Your placement is dependent on your choice, volunteering opportunities available, and of course, your timetable.


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