Literacy Collective

The Literacy Collective is aimed at the Early Childhood Development sector in Makhanda. 

In Makhanda, 80% of children cannot read for meaning by the time they're in Grade 3. This vastly impacts their learning and success throughout their schooling. Research has shown that a good and meaningful Early Childhood Education greatly improves the socio-economic status of a person later in life.

The Literacy Collective involves collaborations between NGOs, schools and the university. 

BuddingQ (Grade R) aims at helping children bloom into their full emotional and intellectual potential through fun, play-based physical activities. Weekly sessions are structured to facilitate learning fine and gross motor skills that will contribute to the physical aspects required for reading. In 2021 the programme's training component has been accredited by Rhodes, pitched as an NQF5. 

Project Read (Grade 1) aims to help learners entering school with the formal aspects of literacy. You will be exposed to a structured programme of activities to complete with a small group of children on a weekly basis. 
Reading Clubs (Grade 2) aims to encourage children to read for enjoyment and not fear reading. You will be trained on the fundamentals of facilitating a reading club through the CE Orientation to Reading Clubs (CERCO) short course, accredited through RU and pitched at NQF 5. 

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