Engaged Research


Introductory guide to Engaged Research


A Guide to Engaged Research

In Engaged Research, students and staff collaborate and co-create with community partners on research that identifies and addresses real community identified needs and challenges. Research with the community and not research on the community.

This guide intends to provide valuable information for academics, researchers and students who wish to engage in research in a real-world context.

  1. What is Engaged Research?
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What is Engaged Research?

“Engaged research includes the different ways that researchers meaningfully interact or collaborate with various stakeholders over any or all stages of a research process, from issue formulation, the production or co-creation of new knowledge, to knowledge evaluation and dissemination. Stakeholders may include target communities, and members of the public or groups that are somehow related to the research process.” - Stellenbosch University http://www.sun.ac.za/si/en-za/Pages/Sub-menu.aspx

“Engaged research describes a wide range of rigorous research approaches and methodologies that share a common interest in collaborative engagement with the community and aim to improve, understand or investigate an issue of public interest or concern, including societal challenges.” - Irish Research Council https://research.ie/assets/uploads/2017/04/Engaged-Research.pdf/



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Preparing for Field work


More information to come soon. Contact Dr. Rene Oosthuisen for with any queries in the interim.


Resources for Engaged Research 


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