Digital Storytelling for Social Innovation

Digital Storytelling workshop
Digital Storytelling workshop

Rhodes University, through its Community Engagement office, is involved in a Common Good First project. This project is led by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and is funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme with additional investment from the Scottish Government. The project is a network of 12 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), half of these are South African and the rest European.

The Common Good First project is a digital network created to offer support and grow the emerging South African social innovation sector. This network aims to capture and showcase social impact projects in South Africa, connecting them to each other, to academics and HEIs around the world.

An online platform to showcase and share social innovation projects and digital stories has been established. This platform’s purpose is to connect such social innovation projects to those who have similar goals, to academics for teaching, learning and research. Another aim is to connect community projects to potential funders and sponsors.

To support this platform Rhodes University has established a cutting edge Digital Storytelling Lab. This lab is be open to all community partners, academics and students where they can use state of the art equipment to produce social innovation digital stories that can be shared on the Common Good First online platform.

The Rhodes University Community Engagement office has created a Digital Storytelling short course which has been accredited by the University. The short course offers in-depth and innovative storytelling modules. The course also teaches participants how to effectively create/produce digital stories and it runs over a period of three days. This is an open course, anyone interested can sign up. Anna Talbot can be contacted for more information on the course and for possible course dates. Her email address is

Source:  Community Engagement Directorate

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