Engaged student researchers recognised


Sustainable Land Management GEF5 Team

Ms Francis, Mr Duma and Mr Falayi are all equally and passionately giving of their time, knowledge and skills to a Global Environment Facility (GEF5) Funded Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Project being implemented at Machubeni communal lands, Eastern Cape. Ms Francis has provided training and knowledge to more than 25 community champions in the practice of conservation agriculture and all of them have improved vegetable production and diversity in their home gardens thereby contributing to food security of each household. Through her efficient and responsible work ethic and lively and friendly nature, Buhle has demonstrated that she is passionate about conservation agriculture, rural livelihoods resilience and youth development. Mr Duma has provided training and knowledge to more than 25 community members in the practice of simple, cheap and effective land rehabilitation techniques and he successfully led a group of 30 ‘Land Conservation Activists’ who have implemented erosion control work over more than 50 hectares of land across the five project villages. Mr Falayi is working on improved and polycentric governance of natural resources across the GEF5 Project villages. He has been responsible for successfully putting in place and leading a multi-stakeholder forum which has contributed to improved decision making and coordination of resource management and rehabilitation activities in the five project villages. As a team, they strive to promote land restoration and foster sustainable agricultural practices with communities.

Source:  Community Engagement Directorate

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