Over 30 GADRA Matric School alumni graduate.

GADRA Matric School Signpost. Source: Grocott's Mail
GADRA Matric School Signpost. Source: Grocott's Mail


GADRA Matric School celebrated the achievement of over 30 students who completed their degrees and graduated at this year’s Rhodes University graduation ceremonies.

GADRA Matric School is a second chance school for learners who seek to improve their marks in selected National Senior Certificate subjects with the goal of acquiring the required points to gain access to universities. GADRA is the biggest feeder to Rhodes University and it strives to be the biggest producer of Rhodes University graduates by 2020.

The recent graduates attributed their success at Rhodes to GADRA. Siphosethu Balakisi who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree said that her experience at the school contributed to her success at Rhodes. She said the support at GADRA was amazing, the teachers cared and prepared them for university. Athenkosi Nelani, who graduated with a Bachelor of Music, echoed Balakisi’s sentiment. “The teachers at GADRA would give us a lot of work and we would complain about it not knowing that they are preparing us for university. Now that I look back, I would not have done it without their support”, he said. Siphamandla Viti, who graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Foundation Phase), said that besides the academic support that she received from GADRA to prepare her for university, her highlight was learning how to use computers while at the school. “At university, you use computers for everything, I would have struggled if I did not know how to use them in my first year”, she shared.

Because of GADRA’s intensive programme, the interviewed graduates expressed that they did not have many academic difficulties, the school had helped them learn how to prioritise work and plan effectively. They, however, voiced challenges on the social transitioning from school to university. Making friends was not easy in the first few months of being at university and also having to speak English most of the time but they prevailed, adapted to the new environment and succeeded.

Congratulations to all graduates and to GADRA Matric School.

Source:  Community Engagement Directorate

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